An ex-employee of website ChaCha, Renee Larr, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the website.

The lawsuit was because Vee Jones, wife of the founder and CEO Scott Jones, tweeted repeatedly about Larr’s alleged affair with her husband, despite both denying any such relationship. Vee Jones continued to comment on Larr and had 50,000 followers for her tweets.

Larr said that she had to resign from her job because of the tweets and the damage it caused to her in terms of mental anguish and loss of her job and benefits. Sexual harassment attorneys for Larr have named Scott and Vee as witnesses that they would question. Vee Jones also confronted Larr in the office, according to the lawsuit. A private mediation was conducted between the parties, and a settlement was reached. The details of the settlement are not known but Judge Robert L. Young dismissed the case.

Principal accused of sexual harassment by teacher

Charles “Chuck” Vrabel the Principal of Buckeye High School was accused of sexual harassment by a female teacher. After the teacher complained to the Superintendent Brian Williams, Vrabel was asked to go on ten days leave while the matter was being investigated. Williams said that he viewed a video from the security system in which Vrabel is seen putting an arm around the teacher but there is no audio recording. But the teacher claimed that the principal made sexual comments, which was denied by Vrabel.

No one else heard the conversation, according to Williams who interviewed other staffers who were in the vicinity when the alleged harassment happened. However, the witnesses did mention that the victim seemed upset and was not comfortable during the conversation, according to Williams.

The Superintendent said that while the conversation may have been inappropriate, it occurred in a public area when many others were present and that Vrabel denied making any such comments. The monitoring of the situation would continue to ensure that an appropriate working environment was maintained in the school, according to Williams. Why would a principle put his arm around any female teacher, or any teacher for that matter?

The other board members and the President Ken Barco of the Buckeye School knew about the matter under investigation and Barco said in an email that the board trusted William’s decision. Vrabel was employed in the year 2010, and he is the father of Mike Vrabel, the former NFL player.

One in three women sexually harassed

Sexual harassment attorneys state that according to the latest survey, one in three women is sexually harassed at work. The survey was conducted on 2,235 women, who worked either full-time or part-time.

Sexual harassment attorneys also believe that harassment may not be as blatant as is portrayed in movies, and can be difficult to spot in the workplace. A subtle comment in a meeting or an inappropriate Facebook message also comes under the category of sexual harassment, according to Michelle Ruiz and Lauren Ahn.

The food and service hospitality industry employees are the ones who report sexual harassment the most, while only 29% of women who experienced harassment at the workplace reported it.