Vito Lopez will pay $35,000 in addition to the $545,000 paid by the state in the sexual harassment suit filed by his two aides. The sexual harassment attorney representing Lopez, a former Democratic Assemblyman, said in an email to the Associated Press that his client was happy to put the litigation behind him by paying the modest amount of $545,000, but denies that he was guilty of the charges made against him.

Inappropriate conduct

The lawsuit also names the former Speaker, Sheldon Silver (being charged by Eric Holder’s Justice Department with all sorts of crimes) and the New York state Assembly as defendants. The plaintiffs allege that Silver helped cover up the harassment. Lopez, the lawsuit alleges, forced the women to share hotel rooms with him. The other inappropriate acts included forcing his hand up one of the woman’s leg, and making them write flattering notes to him, which was used against them to disprove their allegations. He also commented on their looks and attire, according to the women.

Vito Lopez (Democrat) is in trouble for mistreating female co-workers and other things as well – such as fraud.

Victoria Burhans and Chloe Rivera are the two women aides that filed the lawsuit, accusing Lopez of inappropriate verbal and physical conduct. They said in a statement that women should be treated with respect and dignity and not as objects or problems that need to be dealt with. They hoped that their ordeal would act as a deterrent to sexual harassment from other legislators in New York.

Speaker covered up for Lopez?

Silver resigned from his leadership post after he was accused of receiving $4 million in kickbacks. Sexual harassment attorneys say that he has been criticized for using public funds of $103,000 to settle an earlier lawsuit against Lopez. Silver is a disgrace and he is one of the reasons New York State has been suffering for years now.

Sheldon “Shelly” Silver is a Democratic politician from New York, who in 1994 became Speaker of the New York State Assembly.  He was arrested in January of 2015 on corruption charges and resigned in February.

Sexual harassment attorneys said that in 2012, Silver had covered up earlier charges made by two other women against Lopez, by secretly paying them and this was reported in the New York Times. He had also failed to notify the incident to the ethics committee.

Silver is finished

The New York State was liable for Lopez’s conduct, according to a statement made by Silver. He also said that it took months of negotiations to arrive at the settlement amount of $580,000.  There were new policies in place in the Assembly to make sure such incidents are handled efficiently and quickly, he said.

Lopez resigned in May 2013 after the ethics committee reported his inappropriate conduct, which includes groping women and making sexual innuendos. He was an influential and powerful Democratic leader and also the chairman of the Housing Committee. Many people are confused though because they thought Democrats cared about woman and here is another Democrat abusing and slowing no respect for woman who work around them.

Sheldon “Shelly” Silver (Democrat) has no regard for New York tax payers and even the Democratic controlled Justice Department is targeting him.

Silver headed to prison perhaps

Speaker Carl E Heastie, who replaced Silver, said that there would be zero tolerance for sexual harassment.  The Assembly very quickly acted to erase Silver’s name from the public information brochures and its website which identified him as the speaker. Sexual harassment attorneys say this is especially significant since the legislative body had not made many changes to the website between 2001 and 2014.

Now if New York would just reduce all those job killing regulations and authorize fracking so thousands of jobs that pay $60,000 each can be produced over night they would really be onto something.