The state of Kentucky will cough up $400,000 to settle two sexual harassment lawsuits against lawmakers, former Rep. John Arnold (D-Sturgis), and Legislative Research Commission Director Bobby Sherman. Also named in the lawsuits was the state agency responsible for administrative operations in the state Capitol, as reported by

More Democrats mistreating woman

The settlement stems from two lawsuits filed in October 2013 by two LRC employees who accused Rep. Arnold of touching them inappropriately. They also alleged that Sherman did nothing to address the issue of sexual harassment of staffers at the state agency. According to sexual harassment attorneys, Rep. Johnny Bell (D-Glasgow) was added to the lawsuit earlier this year. Apparently, one of the plaintiffs claimed that the House whip retaliated against her after complaining of sexual harassment by firing her.

The second lawsuit being settled is that of a female staffer of Rep. Will Coursey (D-Symsonia) who claims he demoted her when she accused him of sexually harassing two other employees. She or anyone in this state would benefit from the information on this site since it offers outstanding information on this topic and for people who are in dire straits.

Incidentally, Coursey filed a countersuit which has been dismissed as part of the settlement. The LRC’s policies have been under intense scrutiny by Kentucky’s state legislature following the lawsuits and allegations of improper conduct against the lawmakers.

However a sexual harassment attorney who represented the women said he was still doubtful if the settlement would change anything to improve the culture at the state capitol since the same people would still be around. That is the problem with government, no one is ever fired! The attorney was of the opinion that people who paid attention to the personnel management of LRC were needed if any of the problems were to be solved. While a settlement has been reached it is yet to be officially signed in Franklin Circuit Court.


2013 performance audit fails to address sexual harassment 

In a performance audit conducted by the National Council of State Legislatures that cost $42,000 in December 2013, little was done to highlight sexual harassment although it focused on other areas such as pay inequity, communication issues, and unfair hiring practices. A new director of the LRC is expected to take office on October 1st following the resignation of Bobby Sherman due to allegations of sexual harassment.

The sexual harassment attorney for the plaintiffs had Sherman depose in April before the lawsuit went into mediation. According to the attorney, the deposition contains information on operations of the LRC which he says the public had a right to know about the management and mismanagement of the agency. The investigation conducted by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting in September 2013 revealed that harassment had been an issue at the agency which lacked rules regarding personal relationships.

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Scott County man faces charges for sexually harassing 14 year old

A latest report from suggests that a Scott County man has been arrested for sexual harassment. Terrial Tyler, 41, has been slapped with sexual harassment charges stemming from an incident in May where he offered the 14 year old victim a ride from the ball park. The victim alleges that he touched her inappropriately and that he would not tell anyone if she did not. Tyler has been charged with statutory sodomy in the second degree and enticement of a child.