Sexual Harassment Prevention Laws in Connecticut

The Connecticut General Assembly passed the Time’s Up Act in 2019. This act enforces certain rules for employers regarding the prevention of sexual harassment. The rules in the Times Up Act have been in effect since October 1, 2019. According to this set of regulations, employers are required to give a copy of the information to their employees that thoroughly discusses the illegal nature of sexual harassment and explains any remedies available to employees who have been harassed.

Based on this legislation, employers are also required to give their employees at least two hours of training and education to prevent this form of harassment from occurring. Employees must also be given periodic training as often as possible and not more than ten years apart.

If employers fail to give this form of training to their employees, and any form of harassment occurs then they can be held legally responsible for any harm suffered by the victims. For employers to remain on the good side of the law they should make sure they train their employees and put forward all the necessary precautions to keep their employees as safe as possible. If an employee complains about harassment, it is the legal duty of the employer to make sure the abuse is stopped as soon as possible.

Steps to take for stopping harassment in Connecticut


Facing sexual abuse is no small matter and the victims of this form of abuse are often left highly traumatized. It can feel very challenging to speak out against one’s abuser, especially if a person is in an environment where speaking about such matters is considered inappropriate. Unfortunately, society still often looks down on the discussion of this topic, and fear of stigmatization prevents victims from speaking up.

Individuals who are abused in a sexual way, especially in their workplace should not worry about upsetting others around them and they should only focus on their safety. It is vital to keep in mind that when a person speaks up against an abuser they are not only speaking up for themselves but also speaking up for all the other potential victims as well since abusers of this nature generally target more than one person at a time.

Anyone who is being sexually harassed should not remain silent as this form of harm can get a lot worse in a short period when it is ignored and not addressed properly. If victims have informed the authorities and no action is taken, they should speak with a sexual abuse attorney as soon as possible so they get the help they need to have their voice heard.

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