Sexual Harassment Still an Issue for New York’s Female Workers

Syracuse, NY- Women have made numerous advances in the workplace, but they still face challenges in New York workplaces according to a new poll released by Sienna College in Albany.

In the survey of 804 New York state residents, researchers found that equal pay for women and sexual harassment are two big concerns in the workplace. According to the survey, 71 percent of New Yorkers see equal pay as an issue while 69 percent said sexual harassment is a problem, according to the Oneida Dispatch.

Sienna College Research Institute director Donald Levy told the Dispatch that he was surprised to find that sexual harassment is still a major issue for working women.

The responses from this survey compared to a separate survey of upstate CEOs shows disconnect between CEOs and how their workers feel about sexual harassment. While over two-thirds of workers say that sexual harassment is prevalent, only 30 percent, less than a third of CEO saw the behavior as an issue.

This disconnect between workers and CEOs explains why men and women face sexual harassment every day when they go to work. Sexual harassment can be so difficult to combat when employers don’t take it seriously and takes steps to stop it. In past surveys, nearly 50 percent of women say have been sexually harassed at least once during their working lives.

Training programs, though effective, are simply not enough to eliminate sexual harassment; employers must take other steps. The most effective being to address any allegations that arise and to appropriately punish the harasser, but that doesn’t always happen and employees must following a different course of action and retain a New York sexual harassment attorney.

Employees who are being harassed or discriminated against have to give their employers the chance to address their allegations and take appropriate measures to stop it. Individuals and bosses who have never been sexually harassed have a hard time understanding what the big deal is; they don’t understand what it can do to the object, male or female, if they encounter it on a repeated basis. Victims of sexual harassment feel degraded, humiliated, embarrassed. Their emotional well-being suffers along with their work. They should have to deal with sexual harassment when they go to work each day and if their employer refuses to do anything about it, they need to contact a New York sexual harassment attorney immediately.

Sexual harassment is embarrassing, degrading and humiliating for the victim and the fact that their employer is not taking any steps to stop only makes things worse for a victim. A person shouldn’t have to endure this every time they go to work. Or, be punished for filing a complaint.  Sadly, many workers are forced to endure harassment over and over and face consequences for speaking out. They need someone on their side who understands their rights and is capable of building a strong case on their behalf. USAttorneys has a number of sexual harassment attorneys in Syracuse and the rest of the state who can help victims of sexual harassment get the compensation they deserve.