Sexual Harassment Training in California Must Include These Four Topics

Sexual Harassment Training in California Must Include These Four Topics

Do you have 50 or more employees working at your business? Are you in the state of California? Then our sexual harassment lawyers want you to know that there is specific types of training you need to give to all your supervisors.

In the state of California, if you have 50 or more workers, you are required to provide at least two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisors. This training must be provided within six months after someone becomes a supervisor, and then at a minimum once every two years after that. Specifically, there are at least four topics that all employers must cover during their training.

They include:

Policies. The core components of an employer’s sexual harassment policy, along with how to actually use it if a complaint is filed, needs to be provided to employees. Once the copies of the policy are given out, each manager needs to confirm that they received, understood, and accepted the sexual harassment policy. If you have any questions about how your policy should be worded, our sexual harassment attorneys are here to help.

Strategies. Sexual harassment prevention training needs to include:

  • Clearly outlined strategies on how to stop sexual harassment from continuing, and the limited confidentiality of the complaint process.
  • Protocol on how managers are supposed to report sexual harassment, and the timeframe they are expected to do so in.
  • Examples such as real life examples taken from the news, case studies, and other credible sources, and hypothetical situations which clearly demonstrate what sexual harassment looks like.
  • Instructions on where victims should report sexual harassment claims, who they should report them to, and when the appropriate time to do so is.
  • Information on the supervisor’s duty to report all complaints reported, to conduct a thorough investigation of the parties involved, and to do the proper due diligence.
  • Procedures on the proper course of action if a higher-up superior is accused of sexual harassment.
  • When it is the appropriate time for sexual harassment lawyers to get involved in.

Remedies. All employees need to be informed of remedies available to sexual harassment victims. Additionally, supervisors need to be well-versed on any potential employer and individual exposure and liability.

The Law. Employers need to include exactly what type of harassment is covered by the FEHA, and the definition of unlawful sexual harassment under California and Title VII of the federal Civil Rights. Sexual harassment prevention training should also reference the case law that outlines the prevention of unlawful sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in employment. Specifically, employees need to have a clear and thorough understanding of what kind of behavior constitutes sexual harassment.

If you find yourself needing help writing, implementing, or clarifying any of the four topics that must be included in sexual harassment training, our sexual harassment lawyers in California are here to help you.
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