Sexual harassment at the workplace is unfortunately a common subject. Both males and females often find themselves falling victim to sexual harassment and discrimination. If you are one of them you may want to consider seeking legal counsel from a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer.

How an attorney can help

Whenever you undergo harassment of a sexual nature at work, you might wish to find answers too many questions. The more important of them are:

  • Was this really sexual harassment in the eyes of the law?
  • How should I respond to a harasser?
  • Should the harassment be reported?
  • Are there any steps that I can take to shield me from future harassment?
  • What if the harasser tries to get even and retaliate against me for reporting harassment?

These are the kind of questions that an experienced California sexual harassment lawyer can answer. If you come across behavior that you consider to be any form of sexual harassment or abuse, it is wise to talk to a lawyer without delay. This will help determine whether the type of harassment is within the legal definition of sexual harassment.

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Seeing a lawyer before you report sexual harassment

When you are victim of sexual harassment, there are some steps that you ought to take to defend your rights. For instance, your company policy might mandate that you report potential sexual harassment to a supervisor, manager, or human resources, to hold your harasser accountable for the sexual harassment. A splendid lawyer can assist you to contact the right employee or human resources with whom you ought to report probable harassment. Also, a legal pro can help you detail every incident of harassment.

Helping protecting your rights

Apart from assistance in reporting sexual harassment, a legal representative will also help you take necessary steps to protect yourself.

Help during investigation of the harassment

For the most part, the law requires your employer to investigate any complaint concerning sexual harassment. While doing so, your employer is unable to take any action during the investigation process, which could impact your employment. An experienced Los Angeles, CA sexual harassment lawyer will determine if your employer continues to follow or has breached any policy.



Federal and states laws prohibit all employers from retaliating against their own employees, for reporting sexual harassment. Such retaliation can assume various forms such as disciplinary action or even termination. In addition, your managers might exclude you from taking part in desirable projects such as events, meetings, or even social outings, in the event of you reporting harassment. In such a case, your legal representative will analyze these actions to determine if they are indeed retaliatory.

Discuss filing charges with against employer

A California sexual harassment lawyer can also help formulate possible formal measures that you can take in order to challenge sexual harassment. This includes filing a charge against your employer for discrimination with the antidiscrimination agency of your state or with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In the event of these efforts to come to naught, your lawyer can file a lawsuit against your employer.

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