Paul Eckert was named as a defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by city employee Brittany Scott. Eckert, a former city manager, had held this position for over ten years. In 2013, Eckert left his position as city manager for a job in the state of California which is actually losing jobs left and right to states such as Texas. Brittany Scott is still a city employee.

The case was settled for an amount of $300,000 in a City Council meeting. The council took a vote and agreed 4-1 that settling the case would be the best course of action to take from a financial perspective.

Keith Radig, the only council member to have voted against the settlement, said that he believed the city could have won the case in court. He also said in a statement that even though the settlement amount is $300,000, there is also an additional $600,000 expense in attorney fees. He voted against the settlement because he firmly believed the city would have won the case in a court trial and would have avoided the expense to taxpayers and since America is over $18 trillion in debt now mainly because of health care and social programs this is a vital aspect to consider.

Eckert bolted to another state

One of the members who voted in favor of the settlement, said the measure was taken to keep legal fees under control and it was not an admission of guilt in any way or form. The lawsuit claimed that the city had adversely retaliated against Scott because she spoke up about being sexually harassed by Eckert.

Sexual harassment complaint filed against television giant CBS

An ex-employee of CBS has filed a lawsuit through his sexual harassment attorney against CBS Broadcasting and CBS Radio.

Plaintiff Kenneth Lombardi is a well-known reporter at the CBS network. Lombardi had worked his way up the ladder at CBS. He had started working at CBS as a freelance video producer but had progressed over time and eventually reached a position where he was allotted red carpet assignments and celebrity interviews. He has interviewed over 300 celebrities. In November of 2014 he was constructively discharged following his allegations.

Lombardi claims that he was discriminated against when he had revealed that he was bisexual. The allegations are more specifically against Duane Tollison (senior producer) and Albert Colley (Director of CBS evening news).

The lawsuit alleges that Tollison had forced his hand down Lombardi’s pants at a company holiday party and Colley had sent Lombardi links to several pornographic websites.

A spokesperson for CBS said that the company takes sexual harassment lawsuits very seriously but Lombardi’s claims had no merit and the company intends to defend itself vigorously against his allegations.

Former Disney employee claims he was fired for reporting sexual harassment

Robert Klein has alleged that Disney fired him because he blew the whistle on a sexual harassment incident. Klein worked as an Archivist at Disney when a male colleague had confided in him that a female employee had made unwanted approaches towards him, Klein had reported the incident to the human resources department and was fired a month later.

He seeks full restitution of all wages and benefits. He has also claimed punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, and restoration of both economic and non-economic damages and this is where for anyone who is in a similar situation.

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