Former Police Chief, William McNeil, who was the top cop of the city of Casselberry, faces a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by six employees in the department.

He was accused last October of sending sexually explicit messages that included pictures of his genitals and videos of him masturbating to a female officer, Katrine Zorn, who filed a lawsuit against him along with two others, Walter Pooley and former officer Erin Daley. McNeil resigned after the city began to probe the allegations. McNeil, what are you thinking!?

The latest to join in the lawsuit are the 62 year old support services coordinator, Jerry Jordan, Sgt. Mark Stein and Karen Gilbert, a former support services manager. McNeil would place stuffed animals in a sexual position on Jordan’s desk, and make derogatory remarks on his age, asking him repeatedly about when he would retire.

The ex-police chief is also accused of harassing 53 year old Sgt. Stein who said that the defendant would tape toilet seat sanitary covers to his chair and hang his keys on toilet handles, and placed stuffed animals in sexual positions on his chair.

McNeil would ask Gilbert out for ice cream or dinner and would spend too much time at her desk which made her uncomfortable, according to the lawsuit. This guy is out of control!

The sexual harassment attorney for the defendant declined making any comments until he had reviewed the allegations.

Legislative Staffer Alleges Harassment

Yolanda Costner, a former legislative staff

Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate is likely to rule on whether complaints of sexual harassment that involves lawmakers and staffers be turned over to the Legislative Research Commission (LRC). According to the sexual harassment attorney for Yolanda Costner, one of three legislative staffers who have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against John Arnold, a former Democrat from Western Kentucky, it is essential to prove to the LRC that a culture of sexual harassment exists and offers protection to lawmakers.

So far, Arnold has refuted all allegations but has not made any move to resign from the House. He is taking after Bill Clinton it seems.

Costner has appealed to the court to include state House Majority Whip and Democrat from Glasgow, Johnny Bell, as a defendant in the sexual harassment lawsuit. Incidentally, Bell had fired Costner last month. She claims that she was wrongfully dismissed after she decided to sue Arnold. In addition, she claims that his decision was motivated by the desire to hire another woman with whom he wanted to pursue an intimate sexual relationship.

However, Bell has denied these allegations as well. Costner also claims she did not receive any other job offer in the LRC despite being in government service for over two decades.

Costner’s attorney appealed that his client’s rights were violated since she turned whistle-blower and there was no reason why Bell shouldn’t be included in the initial lawsuit as a defendant. On the other hand, LRC’s attorney argued that Bell was not a party to the complaints and termed Costner’s claims as baseless.

Attorney demands review of past cases

In the latest hearing on the Costner case, Clay requested for a review of every sexual harassment complaint received by the LRC in recent years and the whole report on the Arnold case prepared by Lewis, who was hired by the LRC to investigate the sexual harassment complaints against Arnold.