Some things that employers should know about sexual harassment training in Abilene

Abilene, TX – Awareness of the possibility of sexual harassment in any workplace is important for employers. Once a company begins to hire workers, they should think about implementing some kind of formal harassment policy and give workers training that explains how the policy applies to them. There are a number of benefits of completing this kind of training, and it will save time and other resources if the company can avoid any issues and lawsuits related to sexual harassment. Businesses who are interested in stopping harassment can meet with an employment lawyer for additional advice before designing a training program. 

Employees should know exactly what sexual harassment is

Any training should include the formal definition of sexual harassment and ways that employees will come across this behavior in their day to day activities. This can be explained thoroughly, and workers should be given an opportunity to ask questions or give feedback in order to ensure that their understanding is thorough. The two main types of harassment, which are quid pro quo and a hostile work environment should be covered in this training as well. 

Training can help avoid liability

Any employee who has become a victim of sexual harassment has the ability to hold their employer responsible. However, once employees are thoroughly trained, they are less likely to commit sexual harassment, and more likely to notice and report it when necessary. The effects of workers acting in this way will result in workplaces avoiding liability for sexual harassment lawsuits and related problems. Because the total costs of defending against a lawsuit can be substantial, this justifies the time, effort, and resources used in a harassment training session. 

Everyone in the company should be trained

Any sexual harassment training should be given to all workers at regular intervals, whether they are new at the company or long term employees. While much sexual harassment is committed by male supervisors against female subordinates, anyone can become a victim regardless of gender and even non-employees such as customers, contractors, or clients can create a hostile work environment which is a form of sexual harassment. It is also possible that the victim and person who is committing the harassment are of the same gender. Having everyone trained also increases the chances that a third party will notice and report harassment even if the victim does not. 

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