Midland, TX – Sexual harassment can become a problem in just about any workplace. There are even some situations where victims are not aware of the fact that they are being harassed. This is true even though a majority of employers now provide some kind of sexual harassment training and education. A review of workplace cultures that tend to cover or not report harassment can help victims find increased awareness and seek legal help if necessary. While some employers have formal reporting processes for harassment, lawyers are always beneficial when a worker needs to have an independent review of their situation.  

When no one seems to notice or care

Workplace culture can play a large role in identifying and reporting harassment. If people seem to tolerate various levels of inappropriate workplace conduct, and the company’s human resources department is not active in investigating claims, then it is likely nothing will be done about harassment. This lack of awareness or initiative to stop illegal conduct can also create an environment where most people in the workplace implicitly condone the behavior by letting it happen without taking any kind of action. Younger or less experienced workers may also simply lack awareness and not know what to do when witnessing harassment or becoming a victim themselves. 


Even though it is illegal and can result in additional lawsuits, retaliation against workers who report harassment and other related problems such as discrimination does happen. Many workers have said that they simply fear losing their jobs or getting demoted, so they do nothing even when harassment is apparent. Anyone who experiences retaliation can take action against their employer, however this is not always easy if a worker feels intimidated or their financial situation does not allow them to risk losing their employment temporarily. 

Lack of training and reporting systems

Although most employers do have regular training related to harassment, it is still possible that some workplaces offer little to no guidance to their employees on these issues. A victim can always retain their own lawyer when necessary, but some people who should retain legal counsel may not be aware of their rights. Some smaller companies may not have human resources departments at all, or any even kind of relevant procedures in place, which leaves the workers on their own unless they get an attorney to help and provide relevant advice. 

Labor attorneys in Midland

Moore and Associates is a labor and employment law firm that helps local clients in Midland, Texas and surrounding areas. Anyone who is concerned with a workplace situation can schedule an initial consultation to receive advice about lawsuits and employment regulations.

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