Los Angeles, CA– There must be something in the California air that makes high level city officials a little too randy for their own good. The summer was dominated by a sexual harassment scandal involving San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Now, a Los Angeles City Council member is facing a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit.

A former aide for Los Angeles City Council member Jose Huizar filed a lawsuit a sexual harassment lawsuit Thursday. Francine Godoy’s lawsuit states that the incidents of inappropriate sexual conduct were “too numerous to articulate” and that Huizar made it clear to Godoy that her employment benefits were “explicitly conditioned” on sexual favors, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Godoy also alleges that Huizar supported her political ambitions but that support hinged on her willingness to offer him sexual favors. When she spurned his advances, Huizar withdrew his support for her candidacy for the Los Angeles Community College Board.

In one incident Huiraz parked near Godoy’s home and called her on her cell phone telling her he was “parked down the street from her home.” When she went to the car to speak with him, Huiraz told her she needed to be “closer” to him to get his support for the community college board, the LA Times reported.

The eight-page lawsuit states, that Huizar “got angry and started yelling and cursing” at Godoy who was his deputy chief of staff.

Things got even uglier when on one occasion when Huizar stormed into her office and “started opening her drawers, taking her belongings, grabbing her files and taking her things into his office,” the lawsuit states

The harassment, Godoy states, was so pervasive that Huizar once called Godoy’s mother when she would not respond to several of his phone calls.

“As a result of Huizar’s sexual harassment and retaliation, ignoring, removing duties and assignments, and being banned from entry into the office, [Godoy] was forced to quit her position as deputy chief of staff,” the lawsuit states, according to the LA Times.

Huizar who is married with four children denied the allegations of sexual harassment, but admitted that he and Godoy had a “consensual sexual relationship,” which he deeply regrets. But he was shocked by the sexual harassment allegations stating they were “false and malicious” and the suit contained “fabricated events.”

Robert Alaniz, speaking for Huiraz said that an investigation would reveal that Godoy’s allegations were not credible. He added,  the investigation “will reveal that Ms. Godoy is someone seeking to damage the council member’s reputation because he would not help advance her career as she expected.”

LA city employees are allowed to have relationships with their coworkers, though that is typically not advised, but sexual harassment is forbidden. It will now be up to investigators to determine if the Godoy’s sexual harassment allegations are true, or if this is just a case of a spurned lover.

Godoy is seeking damages for lost past and future wages along with other special damages.