According to a report by, a mother of a former South Side Elementary School student has filed a lawsuit against the district and city. The mother, identified only as ‘Mary Doe’ in the lawsuit, alleges that her daughter, identified as ‘Jane Doe’, was harassed and bullied by three boys in her class. In her lawsuit, the mother claims that during the 2013-14 school year, she was repeatedly harassed by the boys despite having alerted South Side Principal Robert Garry about it.

The mother alleges that she informed the head teacher, Zacharia Savic, about the harassment and conflict between one of the three boys and her daughter. On one occasion in October 2013 she claims that one of the boys tugged at her shirt in a bid to look at her daughter’s breasts while another tried to kiss her. In the lawsuit filed by her sexual harassment attorney, the mother claims that Savic promised to look into the matter and pay extra attention to the behavior of the three boys and her daughter.

Lawsuit claims inadequate supervision

On another occasion in Jan. 2014, the mother alleges that the three boys including another who entered an area of the classroom sectioned off for students with special needs once again took the opportunity to harass Jane Doe sexually. She claims that one of the boys engaged in unnecessary sexual contact with her daughter and went as far as pulling down her underwear and touching her vaginal area. Savic at the time was supposedly the only staff member present in the classroom.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff emphasizes that the Bristol Board of Education’s policy manual prohibited bullying and sexual harassment and that the type of harm her daughter had suffered was predictable by the defendants. However, they failed to provide adequate supervision for the students. According to the plaintiff’s sexual harassment attorney, his client seeks damages in excess of $15,000 in addition to legal fees and equitable relief as the court may deem adequate.

Sexual harassment allegations leveled against honors society director

The executive director and CEO of Phi Theta Kappa worldwide honors society is facing sexual harassment allegations from two former members, as reported by Two former international officers accused Rod Risley, the director and CEO of the society, of sexual harassment.

Rachel Reeck, 24, was one of the first international officers for Phi Theta Kappa, from Western Technical College. Reeck, said she experienced a lot of unwanted advances from Dr. Risley during her time as an international officer. Tony Marek, 36, was another international officer at the honors society who served in the same time period as Reeck. She too said she experienced inappropriate touching and advances by Dr. Risley. The women did not say anything to the authorities after both instances of alleged sexual harassments, fearing that it would ruin their careers.

A few months later, Marek claimed she went through a similar experience again and was forced to resign work the very next day without any explanation. Rachel in a recent interview said that Dr. Risley would often send her inappropriate texts often. On one occasion he forcibly grabbed her and tried to kiss her, when she was dropping him off at his hotel.

Both the victims claim that they do not seek monetary gains but change in culture especially at a time when cases of sexual harassment are on the rise. The reason they decided to step forward was so that it would prevent the other girls who see the organization as a terrific opportunity for their future, to go through similar experiences.

Dr. Risley has failed in the social etiquette arena it seems

Dr. Risley denied all claims of sexual harassment and has temporarily stepped down as the executive director.  Investigations into the allegations are currently underway. The findings will be presented to the board of directors at Phi Theta Kappa for further action.

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