A previous settlement attempt by the hospital was discarded by the plaintiff, who cited that the amount offered to her was not sufficient to settle the case. At that point it seemed like the case may in fact go to trial but the authorities and the legal team representing St. Vincent Hospital decided to meet their accuser’s demands and upped the settlement amount and were able to steer clear of a potentially damaging trial, as reported by Indystar.com.


According to the lawsuit filed by the plaintiff’s sexual harassment attorney, the plaintiff was suing for sexual harassment, intimidation, retaliation, and a lost career in the medicine field. The settlement and terms were not publicly declared by either side but it seems only logical that the settlement amount was over $1 million dollars as the plaintiff had previously declined a settlement for an amount just short of a million dollars.

The civil lawsuit was filed back in 2011 and it sought damages of nearly $8 million. As per the lawsuit, the plaintiff was working as an intern in St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis from 2008 through to 2010 when she was subjected to sexual harassment.

Sexually persuasive doctor accused of sexual harassment

The plaintiff has been identified as Dr. Sharon Castrillion, who was 30 when the majority of the incidents occurred. Her allegations are specifically against Dr. Steven Gerke. As per the details they had been intimate with each other several times. However, Castrillion claims that despite having ended the relationship, Gerke, a married man, would still try and force himself on her and would just not accept her rejections.

Castrillion further claims that she was retaliated against for rejecting Gerke’s sexual advance. She says that he gave deliberately gave her lower grades until she was eventually dismissed from the internship program.


Castrillion’s sexual harassment attorney did confirm that the case had been settled but declined to comment on the details.

Dallas independent school district terminates employee accused of harassment in the past

Dallas ISD came under harsh criticism after it was revealed that it had employed Mr. Jesse Lovelace, a man with a history of sexually harassing people, as its new transportation director.

As reported by Dallas News, right after his employment was confirmed, it surfaced that Lovelace had been previously fired from a school in Atlanta for having sexually harassed a female bus driver. This revelation did not sit well with other employee’s and they did not hesitate to openly declare their stance against the decision to hire someone who had been accused of sexual harassment.

Initially, it seemed like Dallas ISD would give Lovelace the benefit of the doubt and would continue to keep him on their payroll but after stern objections from other employees, they seem to have changed their mind and have officially fired him.

The ISD first defended their decision to hire Lovelace by saying that the claims against him were unsubstantiated but later declared a statement where they confessed that they should have been more diligent and should have run a thorough background check before having hired him. If your employer acts as if they are some government agency by being lazy and not doing their due diligence when they are hiring someone there is nothing sexual harassment attorneys on USAttorneys.com can do about that. But they can represent you if this pitiful and threatening employee undermines your rights at a human being.