Houston, TX – Various forms of harassment may be more common than many workers realize. This can include a superior asking for illegal favor in exchange for pay and benefits, unwanted advances that are sexual in nature, and various other forms of stalking or unsolicited romantic advances. 

Data has been collected which shows that a large amount of harassment happens in the workplace. There are also many more incidents that happen annually, but are never even reported. Because of these shortcomings, workers who believe that they may have been victimized should look into legal assistance.    

Harassment data from the federal government

Based on data from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there are approximately 70,000 to 100,000 complaints of illegal conduct such as discrimination and harassment in American workplaces each year. The number of those complaints that involve some kind of sexual harassment or gender based discrimination has gradually increased, despite efforts by some workplaces to prevent this kind of conduct. Victims can include all genders, and harassment can also occur because of an individual’s sexual orientation. 

Many of these cases are resolved through dismissal for lack of merit, or through a company’s own administrative procedures. Formal litigation does not occur after a large number of initial complaints. 

Workplace training for noticing and reporting harassment

Despite this data, it is estimated that only one out of every five companies or workplaces has made an effort to conduct training that is specific to sexual harassment prevention. A similar amount of companies have updated their harassment policies in recent years, meaning many have outdated or ineffective ways of policing this type of inappropriate conduct. Supervising employees are involved in many incidents of harassment, which causes workers to be afraid to report their problems due to fear of retaliation. 

Most harassment training that does occur is geared towards human resources professionals and teaching tactics that are meant to avoid legal liability, which means that it is not a good solution for preventing this sort of conduct before it happens. 

Determining a course of action

When a victim believes that their workplace performance, or the potential to receive things like benefits and promotions has been affected by their environment, it may be time to speak with an employment attorney. A lawyer who deals with these claims routinely can review the situation and determine whether formal action against the workplace is necessary. 

Finding legal help after a potential case of harassment 

Anyone who believes that they may have been illegally harassed at work in Texas can schedule a meeting with a local attorney who focuses on labor and employment law cases. Moore and Associates is a firm in the Houston area that routinely assists clients with these kinds of issues. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates 

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