Sexual harassment at the workplace, school, or college or in any other environment can be daunting for the victim. If it persists, your only recourse is to prosecute the harasser. There are a few steps that could go a long way in helping victims stop the harassment in its tracks or seek protection from the law. You have the option to:

  • Tell the one who harasses you to stop.
  • Make a complaint to either a supervisor or your company’s Human Resources Department.
  • Consult a Louisiana sexual harassment lawyer, file a complaint with the EEOC and/or the DFEH, and then file a lawsuit against the harasser and the employer if necessary. More information along these lines is here.

According to law, you have every right to protect yourself from any form of sexual harassment or discrimination. By reading relevant literature about sexual harassment and seeking the advice of a Louisiana sexual harassment lawyer, it is simpler to understand what kind of behavior constitutes sexual harassment. These steps will confirm your rights as a victim and give you the confidence to take further steps in preventing harassment.

Ask your harasser to stop

If you are a victim of sexual harassment, you should tell your harasser in no uncertain terms that his/her conduct is not appropriate. If this fails, and you are afraid of confronting the harasser verbally, it may be wise to write a letter to the harasser asking him/her to stop the misconduct. You can also send a third party to tell the harasser to refrain from behaving inappropriately – your Louisiana sexual harassment attorney can help you with this.

Report the incident

It is important to inform a supervisor and or the human resources department of the harassment. You can also tell them of all the measures you have taken to check the harassment. However, make sure to follow the guidelines of your employer’s sexual harassment policy. If the company lacks such a policy it is important to escalate the complaint to your employer.

Complaining to the employer∂

Several victims make the mistake of not reporting the matter due to fear of retaliation. However, that could only result in further complications and any Louisiana sexual harassment lawyer knows about this. Filing a report with your employer is likely to ensure that appropriate action is taken to check the harassment. This also will prove to court that the harasser’s conduct was unwanted and unwelcome, and that the harasser was notified to that effect.

Do you believe this hill is too steep to climb? Speak to a legal representative anyway. You can easily do this using this site: https://usattorneys.com/. There are some impressive Louisiana sexual harrassment lawyers on this diigital tool.

Do you believe this hill is too steep to climb? Speak to a legal representative anyway. You can easily do this using this site: https://usattorneys.com/. There are some impressive Louisiana sexual harassment lawyers on this digital tool.

Coping with stress

All victims do not react in the same way to sexual harassment. Self-denial, fear, anxiety, depression, and the inability to perform at work, are only a few of the adverse consequences of being a victim of sexual harassment. It would be wise to consult a psychiatrist to treat the psychological problems, if any.

Make records of the harassment

Whenever harassment happens, it is important to document every incident, which could prove invaluable if your case goes to court. This must include everything said and done, the time, date, place of harassment, witnesses, and the impact of the incident on your health, emotions, work duties, and personal relationships. Ensure that every memo, email, or letter linked to the act of harassment is recorded. In addition, document any other negative consequences such as a demotion or a change in title or position following the complaint, or any other related event.

Proving the harassment was unwanted

To prove any case of sexual harassment, such as quid pro quo harassment, or hostile work environment harassment, the victim must prove that the conduct of the harasser was unwanted. Since proving sexual harassment is not an easy matter, make sure to consult a fantastic and outstanding Louisiana sexual harassment lawyer to protect your rights.