Stuart, Florida, Defining and Putting a Stop to Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment is a lot more common than it should be, and both men and women across offices in Florida have reported being sexually harassed. Since this form of discrimination and abuse has become so rampant, many employees are clueless in regard to their rights, and they have simply accepted living in constant strife because they are unaware that they can opt for legal protection in their situation.

Before a person can go forward with calling an attorney or speaking out against the abuse that occurred, they need to first understand how sexual harassment is defined from a legal standpoint. They need to understand what actions and words are considered harassment and which are not so they can make an educated decision on how they should move forward next.

Sexual harassment can take on a variety of forms and according to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors to be carried out, and other conduct of this nature whether it is verbal or physical. This definition by the EEOC is taken so seriously because they are the federal agency that is put in charge of interpreting the law regarding sexual harassment.

If the definition fits a person’s situation, they should do everything in their power to ascertain they get legal help, so they stop the harassment before it escalates further.

Do sexual harassment laws protect against harassment from a customer in Stuart, Florida?

One of the questions that often come up in sexual harassment cases is with regards to who the employee is protected from. Of course, the employee is protected from the employer and fellow employees, but what about customers and clients? Third-party individuals are also expected to follow this law and they will fall under violation of the law if they go ahead and harass the employee.

It is the job of the employer to make sure that they take proper action to prevent harassment from taking place. It is important to keep in mind that sexual harassment must be sufficiently severe and must create a hostile or abusive work environment for it to be considered illegal. If the behavior involves touching and is persistent, a person likely has grounds to file a lawsuit as well.

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