A recent survey has revealed that sexual harassment at the workplace is still rampant and a widespread issue across America. However, most employees tend not to file legal complaints as they fear retaliation and the risk of possibly losing their jobs, as per report in the NY Post.

Fatima Goss Graves, the vice president for education and employment at the National Women’s Law Center, spoke in front of members of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and said that the problem persists and affects women across a wide spectrum of jobs in the nation ranging from low paying industries to high paying male dominated workplace environments. According to Graves, only a select few harassment instances end up in the court rooms whilst the majority of the abuse continues perpetually and victims suffer in silence.

According to one Los Angeles based sexual harassment attorney, most women that finally cough up the courage to approach and consult lawyers about their harassment are usually afraid of repercussions from their employers or superiors at their respective jobs.

Another huge factor that plays a crucial role in keeping sexual harassment lawsuits at bay is the tendencies of companies or employers to convince their accusers to keep matters out of court by paying them to settle the case.

Furthermore, women in higher managerial positions prefer not to file complaints legally as the context of their harassment is usually very personal and it is rather taxing to have a jury of people judge and critique personal matters. Instead, these women try to find a solution to their problem internally within the company and even that most firm and standout local lawyers that can be found on USAttorneys.com cannot do too much about this.


Pennsylvania’s Attorney General’s Office in the news again for all the wrong reasons

It hasn’t been long since Attorney General Kathleen Kane was faced with multiple charges including perjury and obstruction of justice for leaking confidential grand jury information to the Philadelphia Daily News in 2014.

As per a Penn Live report, after having been publicly reprimanded, one would think that the State Attorney’s Office would stay low and operate cautiously but it seems they had other plans. Jonathan Duecker has now been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior. Deputy Attorney General Michele Kluk has alleged that Duecker put his hand up her skirt, massaged her back and placed his hand on her inner thigh while the two of them and numerous other agents had gotten together at Damon’s Grill for a few drinks and supper.

Bronx Councilman Andy King hadn’t paid child support for two years

Andy King who has recently been in the news for accusations that he called lies and baseless has come under further investigation after court records showed that he had not paid a penny of child support from 2007 through to 2009, as per a NY Post report. It was only very recently that a former staffer’s sexual harassment attorney filed a lawsuit which named King as the principal defendant.

The lawsuit claimed that the staffer was unfairly fired after she turned down sexual advances that King had made. The lawsuit also accused King of having behaved similarly with other female subordinates.