Last year, superstar Terry Crews attended a party with many well-known individuals present, including a high-level Hollywood executive. That executive has been identified as Adam Venit, who is held to a rather high status as he is a talent agent at one of the biggest agencies in the world, William Morris Endeavor. Venit was in charge of the motion picture department, serving as an agent to big-name actors such as Adam Sandler and Sylvester Stallone. During his attendance at the party, Crews alleged that Venit began gesturing “overly-sexual tongue moves” from across the room and then came over to him [Source: ABC News].

Venit then put his hand out and grabbed Crews’ genitals. Crews immediately responded with “Dude, what you are you doing?” While Venit thought nothing of his actions, he walked away and then came back over again, making Crews feel extremely awkward and angry. Luckily, he had his wife present to help calm him down as he didn’t want to act on the rage he was feeling inside after just being sexually assaulted by one of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry.

Although the incident occurred last year, it wasn’t until recently that he came forward with his allegations and began taking action to hold Venit accountable for his misconduct. Crews also stated that after the Harvey Weinstein incident came out, he experienced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which reminded him of his encounter with a sexual harasser.

Just a few days ago, Crews was spotted leaving a local police department where he filed a police report against his alleged assaulter. He has also filed a lawsuit for the sexual battery, emotional distress, and negligence he suffered and still suffers from because of the inappropriate behavior displayed by agent Adam Venit.

Crews is Now Speaking Out on the Issue of Sexual Harassment

Crews also went on Good Morning America where he recollected back to the incident that has now led to him becoming an advocate for sexual harassment victims. Crews stated that he can now understand why many women are afraid of coming forward with their allegations, especially in Hollywood when an act involves someone with power. They fear that people aren’t going to take their claims seriously. Crews admitted that he didn’t come forward at first because not only was it difficult for him to take in and understand, but he felt that last year when the incident occurred, no one would believe such a high-power person in Hollywood would engage in an act of sexual harassment.

Now, Crews has a different outlook on the issue and is voicing his concerns on the matter. His actions have even led to other men like James Van Der Beek and Anthony Edwards to come forward, speaking out on their issues and sharing some of their own allegations against other men.

While it is clear that coming forward with sexual harassment allegations can be a difficult thing to do, if you recently experienced something that you believe was a form of harassment, there is support available to help you file a complaint. A sexual harassment lawyer in Akron can help you feel more confident in reporting your issue and even assist with the process. can help connect you with a sexual misconduct attorney now so you can discuss what options are available to you.