Hanna Bouveng, the 25 year old Swede that sued the 43 year old owner of New York Global Group, Benjamin Wey, and was awarded $18 million says that the whole episode and Wey’s behavior in particular has left her shaken enough to want to change her identity. According to a Daily Mail report, she now claims to battle constantly with paranoia.  She lucidly explains this in a personal essay in the August issue of Cosmopolitan.

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Plaintiff claims she was manipulated

Bouveng’s sexual harassment attorney filed an $850 million lawsuit against Wey alleging that he harassed her relentlessly after she was hired as a marketing intern in 2013. In her lawsuit she claims that the defendant forced her into sexual encounters on four occasions and retaliated by sacking her after he learned that she had a boyfriend. Bouveng also claims that Wey manipulated her and took away her peace of mind.

The Swede who was awarded $16 million in punitive damages and $2 million in compensatory damages by a jury said she wasn’t sure how much of the money she would see although she felt vindicated after the judgment. Must of the information she learned about sexual harassment could have easily been obtained on this fantastic website.

CEO relentless in his pursuit

Bouveng met Wey during a trip to the Hamptons in the summer of 2013. She was 23 at the time and attended classes at Berkley College. The two kept in touch after their first meeting but Bouveng was taken aback on one occasion when he tried to get her to be his girlfriend. She claims he said he needed a girlfriend to travel around the globe with him. Despite her refusal he continued to pursue her and offered her a plum job as director of corporate communications on a $2,200 salary.


After she joined as an intern in October 2013, Wey attempted to buy her clothes and accessories under the pretext of wanting her to represent the firm in a certain way. She claims he also went to the extent of booking one room for the two of them on a business trip to Boston, and tried to coerce her to have sex without a condom but she refused. However, the next day Wey acted as though nothing had happened.

Sacked because of boyfriend

According to Bouveng, Wey’s inappropriate behavior continued on other trips as well. He allegedly also made it clear to her that rather than a raise in salary she could ask him for cash whenever she needed it. Wey apparently got his way once night after a couple of drinks and a business dinner after which Bouveng claims she felt devastated. He coerced her into sex a few more times and things turned ugly when Wey learned that she had her boyfriend James Chauvet stay with her.

She was fired in public during a meeting although Wey allegedly continued to harass her family and told them that she was sacked because she partied too much. He even went ahead and spread rumors about her to business contacts, following which she got in touch with her sexual harassment attorney.

CEO fights back on social media and corporate website

The harassment continued even after Bouveng filed a lawsuit with Wey posting her face next to pornographic images. He also accused her of being a drug abuser and created as many as eleven new websites with her name.  Neither was a judge who warned Wey about his conduct able to stop him from. The fantastic sexual harassment attorneys on the prolific website USAttorneys.com say you should contact them before it even escalates to a fraction of this degree.

During the trial, Wey’s sexual harassment attorneys have portrayed their client to be the victim. Incidentally, he has voiced his opinion about the whole incident on his corporate profile at nyggroup.com where he calls Bouveng an extortionist, party animal, and admitted cocaine user and her boyfriend James Chauvet a co-conspirator.