Martha Kibler, employed as a court manager by Tarrant County, has sued Justice of Peace, Russ Casey, and the county over sexual harassment that she has said occurred over five years. Kibler’s name is in the court records and her lawyer has also said that she does not object to her name being revealed.

Not good Russ Casey

Kibler has been working with Tarrant County for more than two decades. She has said that Casey subjected her to sexual harassment and physical abuse and wrongfully terminated her after accusing her of stealing when she refused to perform sexual acts.

Kibler said that she had twice reported Casey’s behavior to her supervisors and the county human resources department, but no action was taken. According to the law suit that has been filed, Kibler gave the county officials a semen-stained blouse and skirt as proof of the sexual encounter. Via Monday morning quarterbacking, she should have already been on this site and have already made contact with a sexual harassment attorney.

According to reports Kibler started working for Casey in January 2007. Toward the end of 2009, she entered Casey’s office to repay a small loan she had obtained to repair her car. However, she alleges, that Casey said that he did not want the money but instead, unzipped his trousers and took out his penis, asking her to perform oral sex. When Kibler refused, Casey said that her employment was dependant on him. She then compiled.

A terrible work situation

The suit claims that for the next five years Casey threatened Kibler’s job on a regular basis and made her perform various sexual acts. She was also verbally abused in front of others during this time.

When Kibler complained to the human resources department, she was told that they could not do anything because he was an elected official. Kibler also has claimed that she complained to the court bailiff and other judges about the sexual harassment.


After the death of Kibler’s only son, she refused to perform oral sex as she felt her son was watching from heaven. Soon after this, Kibler was terminated by Casey. However, the county has placed her on administrative leave with pay while it investigates the allegations of sexual harassment.

Legal representation

Sexual harassment in the workplace involves forcing a person to perform sexual acts or asking for sexual favors by threatening work consequences such as loss of job or promotions. Any unwanted touching or exposure as well as verbal innuendoes are also included in sexual harassment.

However, proving sexual harassment is difficult as it often occurs in privacy, without witnesses. However, if you have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, you need to immediately retain the services of an experienced sexual harassment lawyer who can be found and identified on the mighty legal website

Like Kibler, many people who are subjected to sexual harassment keep silent because they feel that they will not be believed. Moreover, even when they complain, they are often not taken seriously.

An experienced sexual harassment lawyer will be able to examine all the facts available and help determine on the best way to proceed. This can help put a stop to the sexual harassment and also ensure that the guilty party is penalized.