Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Sued for Sexual Harassment

A long standing court manager of Tarrant County had filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the country and justice of the peace, as reported by wfaa.com. The case was filed on the behalf of Martha Kibler by her sexual harassment attorney in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division. The defendants named include Tarrant County, and the county’s Justice of the Peace, Russ Casey.

Educating the public

According to the lawsuit, Kibler claims she was sexually harassed and physically abused during the five years she worked at Casey’s office. She alleges that he demanded sex, including oral sex, and that she was afraid to report the matter since she was her boss and a judge as well. That is ignorance speaking though and USAttorneys.com is trying to educate the public with amazing sexual harassment information for those in Texas (and all states) click right here.

Despite reporting the matter to her supervisors, the county’s human resources failed to take any action. Kibler also claims that she provided a skirt and blouse with semen stains as proof to the Tarrant County civil service department but no action was taken. She also alleges she was retaliated against and was accused of stealing and was terminated. The defendant and the country both declined to comment on the case.


Plaintiff claims five years of sexual abuse

Kibler, who joined the county in January 2007, claims in her lawsuit to have been sexually harassed for the first time in late 2009 when she went to the judge’s office to repay a loan she took to repair her car. Casey supposedly grabbed his penis and requested the plaintiff to perform oral sex, saying he wasn’t interested in the money.

When she initially refused Casey said he had been good to her and kept her employed and therefore should return the favor. Kibler claims she finally gave in and performed oral sex on Casey. Following this first incident, the plaintiff claims he continued to harass and abuse her for five years.

Threatened with termination

According to the lawsuit filed by Kibler’s sexual harassment attorney, the defendant constantly threatened Kibler about her job security and would throw a tantrum if she refused to perform oral sex in his Southlake court and office while he was in his judicial robe. The plaintiff claims to have performed oral sex on Casey at least 20 times, and on each occasion he threatened to terminate her if she did not comply. He allegedly also abused her in front of other employees.

Two complaints were filed, one in 2012 and a second in 2013 which also included claims that Casey sexually harassed other employees as well. No action was taken after the first complaint while Kibler was told that there was nothing the county could do since Casey was an elected official.

Total freedom for this judge

Several judges in addition to other Tarrant County officials and a bailiff were also informed about the harassment. However, everyone turned a deaf ear.

Following her son’s death in December 2013, the plaintiff refused to acknowledge Casey’s request for sex but he continued to threaten her about her job security and finally terminated her eight months later, just a week after she refused to give in to his demands once again. Kibler also alleges that the county began an investigation against her for embezzlement instead of probing her claims of sexual harassment.