The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities called for a mediation meeting of all parties concerned in the sexual harassment allegation against East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. However, the outcome of this meeting is not yet known. Meanwhile, East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. has announced that he would contest the election for the eighth term.

Mayor to contest election despite sexual harassment allegations

The sexual harassment allegation was made in July 2014, by the former Town Hall secretary, Francine Carbone. She had said that while she was filing documents in the office in 2013, Maturo walked in and exposed himself. The counter claim made by Maturo was that Carbone made that false complaint as she knew she was about to be terminated from her job.

Maturo claimed in the news release of his re-election campaign that he had accomplished many things during his tenure as mayor, including a reduction in taxes and debt, and public safety and infrastructure upgrades in the town.        

McDonald’s under fire

Fired for being black? A franchisee for McDonald’s, Soweva Co. in Virginia, is up against a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by 10 of its former employees.

The employees, who filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Western District of Virginia, allege their supervisors harassed and demeaned them because they were African-American. Some people believe these supervisors should have spent time trying to make the food served at McDonald’s actually palatable.

Franchisee wanted to get rid of African-Americans?

The supervisors committed many inappropriate acts, including touching the employees’ legs and buttocks, sending sexual pictures to them, and commenting on their hair or the way they looked, and also referred to them as “bitch”, “ghetto” and ratchet”, the lawsuit alleges.

It is amazing people eat here since the food is just terrible. Now McDonald’s has another serious issue on its hands.

While their white counterparts got away with rule infractions, the same when committed by the African-Americans earned them disciplinary actions. The employees state that their employment was terminated after the company hatched a plan to reduce the number of blacks and decided to get rid of them and the Mexicans as well. What is this apartheid!?

McDonald’s has also been named in the lawsuit, since it controls all aspects of the operations of the stores. The franchise stores work on the standards set uniformly across by the corporate office of McDonald’s, according to the plaintiff’s sexual harassment attorney.

Lost wages, emotional distress, and other damages have been claimed by the employees. McDonald’s has responded by saying that they would consider the matter carefully, and that the brand was known for its tolerance of racial diversity. They claim these acts alleged in the lawsuit were not in tune with their values.

Disturbing information

About 60 percent of women employed in the food industry claim they were sexually harassed, making this industry infamous as far as such discrimination and harassment are concerned. Black people also find it difficult to find a job, as compared to whites, and even when they do, there is a disparity in the pay scale as well. Perhaps Al Sharpton should look at this rather than spend time defending terrible people who fight with cops, steal, rob, bully, and do not amount to anything in society according to many community groups.