As if the terrible news of ISIS crucifying children, Syria using WMD (sarin gas) on their own people, as shown on 60 Minutes this year, in 2013, millions of Americans on food stamps, skyrocketing health care costs, and America’s debt climbing to $18.3 trillion ($8 trillion in the past 6 years) was not enough, American teenage females are in serious danger from sexual predators!

These predators are reaching these females at their part time jobs! In fact, they are more in danger at these part time jobs than the dangers that present themselves to teenage girls via the Internet. So working is more dangerous that spending time online? Much to the chagrin of sexual harassment lawyers, this seems to be the case!

In fact, according to a PBS report, 200,000 female teenagers are attacked at their workplace on an annual basis. You can see this information right here.

Making their voices heard

You may not heard about this since it has been under reported. We hear more about the Kardashians than important information such as this. There are some strong young woman though stepping out of the shadows and reporting what has happened to them. Not only does this take courage, it involves the type of character that is trying to protect future victims. This is no different than what sexual harassment lawyers do.

Teenage victims are being attacked by coworkers and supervisors alike. This may be just a part time job but when this happens if affects their high school grades and confidence in their academic careers. It is very sad that a job that is mainly for saving for college, buying some CDs, or some new clothes, can become a tragedy that haunts someone for years and perhaps even for decades. It affects their personal lives on a deeply emotional level.

Some people believe this happens because teenage girls do not really take what they are doing serious. As already stated, they are not trying to make a living off of this job and they are not aware of some of the dangers in the workplace. They are not wise and mature woman who can read the danger signs of some males and no when someone is being truthful with them or actually stalking them. They do not understand the work place rights that are in place and described on this page.

Older male employees are something to watch out for

Teenage girls are not always savvy enough to know that a threat is lurking and lose some of their cautious behavior with some simple compliments from an older male that does not have this young girl’s best intentions in mind.


The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says it is “it is unlawful to harass a person (an applicant or employee) because of that person’s sex.” Some of these teenagers may not be totally cognizant on the laws that are in place to protect them – they are not sexual harassment attorneys at all! They have other things on their mind and do not realize that even a part time job is a job that should be taken serious since you are an actual employee and despite laws made to protect you, there are dangers around you.

Threats all around

Harassment can come in the form of sexual harassment or worrisome or disturbing sexual advances. This can also carry over into the realm of sexual favors, and other spoken or physical harassment in the realm of sex. Teenagers do not have teachers to help them out or watch out for them or other friendly people in the area. The work place can be a completely foreign environment and they just are not ready for the lurking threats.

Does this mean that female teenagers should not have a job? No, sexual harassment lawyers are not proclaiming this, but they should be educated on some of these major issues.

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, you and your family can find legal help on this incredible and salient website: