A softball coach of John Adams Middle School and the Kanawha County school board are being sued by a former student and her father. The lawsuit filed by the sexual harassment attorneys of the plaintiffs in Kanawha County Circuit Court alleges that the girl, who was 14 in 2012, was sexually harassed by Richard Harper, the school’s softball coach, as reported by wvgazette.com.

Girl sexually harassed on different occasions

In the lawsuit, the girl claims that during a practice session Harper approached her from behind and rubbed his hand on her right calf. Following a complaint, the girl alleges he intimidated her. He repeated the same a few minutes later and placed his hand on her upper thigh just below her buttocks. Both, the coach and the school board have refuted the allegations in their response to the lawsuit. Harper still remains employed with the school.

Played with her ponytail!

According to the sexual harassment attorneys for the plaintiffs, the coach also tried rubbing their client’s neck and played with her ponytail a few days later. When questioned about his behavior by the girl’s mother, Harper is alleged to have responded in a hostile manner. The coach went on to tell some of the other girls and their parents on a day that the girl did not attend a practice session that he was being targeted and falsely accused of sexual harassment.

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School board employees allegedly support defendant

Harper apparently called for a meeting with softball parents and supervisors of the school district and subjected the teen’s parents to further intimidation and harassment because they requested that the coach not act inappropriately with their daughter. According to the lawsuit, employees from the school district actively participated in the meeting and condoned the actions by the teen’s parents. The plaintiffs allege that Harper requested the participants to intimidate them into not pursuing any further legal action.


Although Harper denied all allegations of sexual harassment he did say that he told the softball team he was being accused of the same and did hold a parent meeting along with employees of the school district. According to the defendant’s sexual harassment attorney, Harper was suspended with pay during investigations conducted by the school district board but was reinstated when the allegations were not verified.

Apparently, the girl was subjected to further intimidation by the students, parents, and school board employees, following which she was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. In their lawsuit the plaintiffs claim compensation for damages, including emotional and mental distress inflicted on the girl.

Indi’s fast food Cane Run outlet faces sexual harassment lawsuit

According to whas11.com, Indi’s Fast Food Restaurant branch on Cane Run Road in Louisville, Kentucky faces a sexual harassment lawsuit. The Equal Opportunity Commission, in the lawsuit, claims that one of the managers at the Cane Run Road branch of Indi’s was a repeat offender and subjected many of its women employees to long-term sexual harassment.

The manager is alleged to have passed offensive sexual comments, touched the women inappropriately and also asked for sexual favors. Despite having made repeated complaints to several managers, the plaintiffs claim they did fail to take any measures to solve the problem.