Being a lone female among a bunch of oil field workers hasn’t intimidated female roustabout, Elma Garza. Working as a roustabout at an Iraan, Texas oil filed construction and services company hasn’t been a bed of roses in terms of sexual harassment. However, according to, through the EEOC she has managed to win $30,000 in settlement of a retaliation lawsuit.

In the lawsuit filed by the EEOC in US District Court for the Western District of Texas, Garrison Contractors, Inc. allegedly sacked Garza after she complained about being sexually harassed at work which does not site well with her sexual harassment lawyer. She was hired by Garrison as a dump truck driver in January 2012 and was the only female oil field worker to be among male co-workers cleaning heavy equipment, fixing oil and gas leaks, and other related tasks.

Treated poorly

In the lawsuit the EEOC alleges that Garza was unlawfully terminated after she reported incidents of sexual harassment where some of her male colleagues passed lewd comments. As part of the settlement, Garrison has also agreed to implement an anti-retaliation policy to ensure that workers are protected and that measures are implemented to address complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination.

In addition, the company will conduct regular training which will be mandatory for all employees on the law against retaliation at the workplace.

All employees will be made aware of anti-discrimination and anti-retaliation policies through notices. According to sexual harassment attorneys, women employed in oil filed construction and services companies are vulnerable when it comes to harassment and discrimination. Therefore, companies must ensure they take extra precautions to implement policies to protect their female workforce.

Women workers must also take appropriate measures and consult a sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible to protect their rights. One of the best can be reached right here:

Southwest Florida female migrant farm workers awarded $17 million in sexual harassment case

According to a report, five former female employees of Moreno Farms in southwest Florida have been awarded $17 million by a federal jury. The award stems from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the five migrant women farm workers who allege they were sexually abused by three men at the farm which included two sons of the owner.

How many more accusations are going to come out now if that type of money can be made?

According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the women were regularly groped, raped, and threatened that they would be terminated if they did not consent to having sex with the supervisors. This is horrendous but $17 million? Many people believe this is way over the top with $700,000 for all three being more accurate. The defendants in the lawsuit were identified as Oscar and Omar Moreno, and Javier Garcia, a foreman.


Arizona State University sets up special-victims unit to investigate on campus sexual harassment cases

As universities come under tougher federal scrutiny, many have taken measures to change the way they respond to complaints of sexual assault and harassment with the focus now on protecting and helping victims. As reported by, the latest to implement a change is Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, AZ, which has had its university police department form special-victims units to handle on campus investigations into sexual violence.

Other universities that have also formed SVUs include the University of Connecticut, University of Michigan, and Michigan State University. The ASU’s special-victims unit has dedicated two detectives to investigate cases of sexual assault, dating violence, and other related crimes. Some sexual harassment lawyers are very busy in Tempe. Pivotal information on this topic can be found right here.