San Francisco, CA- It’s been a little over two months since Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe came forward with shocking allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination perpetrated by her boss and former Tinder executive Justin Mateen.  Now, the lawsuit has been dropped and Wolfe has agreed to settle the case out of court.

How much Wolfe received by walking away from the sexual harassment lawsuit has not been disclosed, but it means Tinder and Wolfe can move on from what had the potential of becoming a damaging court case.

John Mullan, Wolfe’s attorney told BuzzFeed News, “Whitney’s lawsuit against Tinder has been resolved (without admission of wrongdoing).”

Wolfe, who worked as Tinder’s manager of marketing, filed her lawsuit in early July alleging that Justin Mateen, whom she had a former relationship with subjected her to repeated harassment and gender discrimination.  Wolfe accused Mateen and Tinder CFO Sean Rad of “engaging in ‘in atrocious sexual harassment and sex discrimination.’”

Wolfe alleged that Mateen said having a woman as a cofounder was a “joke.” When their relationship soured, he began to harass her via text, often calling her “whore,” and “gold digger,” often in front of Rad who didn’t take steps to curtail Mateen’s inappropriate behavior and he eventually fired Wolfe even though she volunteered to resign. This can be perceived as retaliation by a sympathetic jury had the case gone to court.

IAC, Tinder’s parent company suspended Mateen days after the allegations surfaced, and have ultimately fired him from the company he helped found. This is a prime example of why it’s critical to stop sexual harassment and discrimination immediately. Otherwise, a sexual harassment attorney will do what it takes to hold an employer accountable for their lack of action and assure their clients are justly compensated.

Settling sexual harassment allegations quickly and out-of-court is not by any means unusual. Workplace harassment and discrimination litigation can be costly when the cases Not to mention that airing sensational and scandalous allegations in public can damage the reputation of a company. For this reason many businesses, regardless of their size, prefer to settle sexual harassment allegations out of court.

These out-of-court settlements can come in the initial stages of a sexual harassment case or after In Wolfe’s case she had a slew of text messages, showing Mateen’s biting verbal abuse, included in her initial civil court filing. This could have been behind IAC’s decision to settle with Wolfe is such a short period of time.

Other companies will wait until they have been able to conduct a thorough investigation and confirm the victim’s allegations. If they believe the evidence is stacked up against them, the accused may decide the best route is to agree to a settlement without admitting to any wrongdoing.

Regardless of the way a business decides to handle your allegations, your sexual harassment attorney will stand by your through every stage of your case and guide your towards receiving the best settlement you are eligible for.