The Assaultment Of A Women By The Former Alaska Lieutenant

Women have often been a victim of sexual violence and harassment in society. It is rather infuriating to see that most of the time in such situations, the abuser holds a power of authority or is someone related to the victim. No women deserve this kind of treatment and should be able to fight for injustice done to her. One such incident surfaced recently about the assaulting of Jody Potts by the former lieutenant governor of Alaska. Read below to know the details of the experience and how a sexual harassment lawyer can help the victim.

What went down on October 14, 2018?

Jody Potts, a prominent outspoken voice for justice in several Alaska villages and a former village safety public officer, was invited to a personal meeting by the lieutenant governor Byron Mallot and Alaska’s governor Bill Walker. In a phone interview, Bill Walker completely denied knowing about such a hastily arranged meeting and was as clueless as the rest of us. Potts stated that when Mallot invited her to a meeting in the Hotel Captain Cook, which was six blocks away from where she had a committee meeting, it didn’t seem unusual. Firstly, because politicians have staff rooms at hotels, she placed her trust in Mallot as a person and as an elder.

As she stepped into the elevator of Hotel Captain Cook, Potts had no idea about such a possibility. Byron Mallot texted Jody to come to room number “704”. Around 3:50 PM, Potts entered the room and took her seat in a chair facing the window. The governor was not present in the room. Naturally, Jody thought that Bill Walker might be running late for the meeting.

Mallot seated on a small couch, then proceeded by saying that he had always felt a strong “physical attraction” towards her, ever since they met. He later added that he hoped the attraction was reciprocated, and she didn’t have to answer right away. Jody felt sick to her stomach and started thinking ways to let him down. Byron began to talk about all the things he has done for Jody and indicated that she owed him. Potts couldn’t handle being in the same room as him and quickly exited the room. Mallot gave her an awkward hug before she left.

Importance of sexual harassment lawyers

Most victims blame themselves after being sexually assaulted or harassed. Jody tried to remain anonymous but only came forward because her daughter was one of Mallot’s victims. A trained sexual harassment attorney will handle the case sensitively and bring justice to the victim.

Final word

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