The Legal Implications of Sexual Harassment from Customers in Mississippi

Employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees and they must follow the legal guidelines to ensure no sexual harassment is occurring in the workplace. Though most people are aware that the employer is responsible for protecting them when a supervisor or fellow employee harasses them, they are unaware that they are also entitled to this protection if they are harassed by a customer or client.

All employers must also take extra measures to ensure that there are no customers harassing the employee. If the employer is informed of this harassment it becomes their legal duty to act on and stop the abuse before it escalates and causes even more trauma to the victim. Individuals have every right to feel safe and protected in their workplace. They deserve to be safe from any harm caused by their fellow colleagues, supervisors, and their clients and customers.

Anyone who is harassed and not defended by their employer should call a sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible to get legal advice that will help them stay safe. An attorney can also take proper legal action to hold the employer and the abuser accountable for the harm they were inflicting on the victim.

Individuals should make sure they make it clear to both the harasser and the employer that they are not comfortable with the way they are being treated and they should make it clear that the behavior of the abuser is entirely unwelcome. Most employers will have an anti-harassment policy in place and a person should make sure they follow what it states and they go to the correct individual or department to deal with the abuse as soon as possible.

Collecting evidence to prove the sexual harassment occurred in Mississippi

Just like in any other legal situation, gathering evidence is essential in ensuring that a person’s voice is appropriately heard, and their case is not taken lightly. Anyone who is going through harassment should keep a record of every time the abuser approaches them, and they should also keep a record of any problems they suffered because of their encounter. If they experienced severe anxiety, had to visit the doctor, or lost their ability to sleep due to the trauma they suffered, they should write it all down with reference to the date, time, and any witnesses present.

No individual should feel unsafe in the place they work and their employer should take the necessary measures to ensure their protection. If this protection is not provided, individuals should get in touch with a sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible to get the help they need.

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