New York, NY– Some of the sexual harassment cases we write can be somewhat mild compared to the way a woman from Cheektowaga, New York was treated by her male coworkers at the Sewer Maintenance Department. The salacious allegations show how some men take harassment way too far.

Lisa Sprada filed a federal lawsuit against the small town, just outside Buffalo in September, the details of which are quite shocking and disgusting, and we are not easily shocked!

Sprada’s allegations include those typical of many sexual harassment cases like unwanted sexual comments about her body and sexual innuendos. One worker relentlessly pursued her for sex, offering her money, and continuously requesting she sleep with him on numerous different occasions often relating the sexual fantasies he had about her. He also repeatedly “begged” her for oral sex.

According to the suit, Sprada was hired by the department in 2010 and originally worked as a typist, but transferred to sewer worker, only the second woman to do so, in 2011. She was warned that some of the men in the department could behave inappropriately, but her supervisor Bob Latshaw assured he would speak to them and instruct them curtail.

After Sprada transferred into to the department, the men exclaimed, “Oh great, another broad.” She should have known then that she might have endure some seriously misogynistic behavior but apparently thought the pay which was significantly higher was worth it.

Latshaw told Sprada that one of the male workers regularly masturbated in his work truck—guess sewer work really turned him on. Not sure why he was allowed to keep his job if his supervisors knew he masturbated on-duty on regular basis, but apparently he was worth keeping on even though he had that habit.

In any case, Sprada was aware of this particular man’s habit and endured it for the most part until one day.  On that day Sprada tried to make like of his masturbation by saying, “is that going to take long, or can we get some work done?”  She then left him alone.

Later that day, the man told her there was something in the truck for her. When she got to the truck she found a puddle of semen which he left there for her to see. That transcends inappropriate for the work place.

The masturbator also relentlessly pursued her for sex, offering her money, and continuously requested she sleep with him. He would also often tell her about the sexual fantasies he had about her and repeatedly “begged” her for oral sex.

On one occasion, the man pulled his truck into the respondent’s garage and begged her for a kiss, she refused. He then got more aggressive by unzipping his pants and trying to shove her head towards his genitals.  She got out of the truck and went to the bathroom and cried, according to the lawsuit.

The 18-page lawsuit goes on and on with numerous allegations, and shows how out of control the men in the Sewer Maintenance Department were.  It’s one thing for the “boys” to have their sexual banter among themselves but their employer really should have set some boundaries. They didn’t and now Sprada is suing them for compensation and she probably won’t have any trouble winning the suit after the jury hears about the sexual hostility she was subjected to.