After news broke that Harvey Weinstein, a big-name producer in the entertainment industry was allegedly engaging in acts of sexual misconduct, many others have felt inclined to come forward with their own claims, battling through feelings of fear and uncertainty. While the “Weinstein Scandal,” which is what National Public Radio (NPR) refers to it as has brought forth many other sexual harassment allegations, it also has encouraged some of the most powerful women in Hollywood to team up and combat against the issue.

The source reported that 300 actresses, female agents, writers, directors, producers, and entertainment executives have all signed an open-letter that was published in the New York Times announcing their engagement with a new campaign called Time’s Up.  Some of the prominent women who signed this letter include Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. The letter begins with, “Dear Sisters,” and some of the lines drafted in the open-letter read, “to women in every industry who are subjected to indignities and offensive behavior that they are expected to tolerate in order to make a living: We stand with you. We support you.”

The letter highlights that many cases of sexual harassment continue to transpire simply because the perpetrators behind these acts are never faced with any sort of consequence for their actions. The Time’s Up campaign is a way for women to come together and fight back as a formalized union, not just one or two voices struggling to be heard. Some of the initiatives of the campaign includes:

  • A $13 million legal defense fund that is geared to helping women in blue-collar jobs as well as farm work.
  • The drafting of legislation that is intended to punish companies that put up with sexual harassment and to discourage non disclosure agreements in such cases.
  • “A push to reach gender parity in Hollywood studios and talent agencies” [Source: NPR].
  • A call for women who walk the red carpet at the Golden Globes to wear black which serves as a sign of protest and solidarity.

Now that the voices of harassment victims are finally being heard, many women who already have a strong presence in society are now ready to work together and help each other tackle this recurring issue that has been ignored for many years.

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