There are various kinds of workplace harassment that are illegal in Texas

Houston, TX – A number of laws have been passed over the years to protect workers from unfair treatment in the workplace. One of the more common forms of gender based discrimination is sexual harassment. This is illegal conduct that can result in lawsuits, but workers who believe that they may be victims of discrimination should consult with an attorney and get formal legal advice before making any decisions. 

Materials that are inappropriate for a workplace

Any worker who displays or presents sexual material to one of their employees or co workers is likely guilty of sexual harassment. Most workplaces have policies against this kind of conduct, and it may be legally actionable as well. This can be done through text messaging, emails, and various other forms of communication, as well as in person verbal communication. 

Pursuing a romantic relationship

When a worker is constantly subject to advances from another employee or supervisor who is requesting dates or other non-work related romantic interests, this is usually considered harassment. An employee is supposed to be able to complete their job duties without being distracted in this manner. The person committing the harassment also cannot defend this kind of behavior by saying it was only done in jest. 

Asking for favors in exchange for work related benefits

One of the most common forms of harassment is when a superior tells a worker that they need to engage in some kind of sexual conduct if they want to retain their employment, receive bonuses or raises, or get certain other workplace benefits. Regardless of the promises made or the motivations behind these actions, this kind of behavior is illegal. 

Sexist language

Workers should not be subject to language or verbal abuse in the form of sexist insults, jokes, or other similar kinds of behavior. There have been cases where this type of behavior was considered to have created a hostile work environment. 

Physical contact

Under no circumstances should a worker be touched by their co-workers without their consent, especially if this is done in a sexual manner. In some cases, this may result in harassment lawsuits, or even criminal charges related to the same incident. 

General harassment

There are more general forms of harassment that may create a hostile environment as well. If a worker is constantly mistreated to the point where they cannot function as normal, this is legally actionable. 

Exploring legal options related to harassment lawsuits

Anyone who is experiencing workplace harassment or related problems with their employer has the option of bringing a civil discrimination or harassment lawsuit. Moore and Associates is available to handle these kinds of issues in the Houston area. 

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