Houston, TX – There are many different ways that a worker can be harassed or experience gender based discrimination in the workplace. Usually, a superior such as a supervisor will ask for illegal acts in exchange for things like promotions, pay, benefits, or even job retention. However, there are several other situations where a worker may not receive proper pay or benefits because of their gender. Legal professionals can assist employees with the process of protecting their rights and ensuring proper pay. 

Gender discrimination and harassment

Discrimination on the basis of gender, also called sexism, is a common form of workplace discrimination. This type of discrimination can happen to victims of any gender, although sexual harassment in the workplace is more likely to affect women. This kind of discrimination can result in unequal pay, hostile work environments, and other legally actionable problems. Even unfair treatment during a job interview such as questioning a person’s ability to perform based on their gender or during the hiring process may be used as evidence in a discrimination case. 

From a legal standpoint, this is considered a civil rights violation, and there are various civil rights laws that can be used as the basis for a lawsuit that alleges illegal and discriminatory behavior. 

Sexual orientation and workplace discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination is a related issue that mostly affects members of the gay community. Regardless of someone’s orientation they are entitled to the same rights in the workplace as all others and a person’s sexual orientation can never be used as the basis for important decisions such as hiring, firing, pay, or promotions. This is an evolving area of the law that has been established to extend many traditional legal protections to workers who have experienced negative treatment due to their sexual orientation. Anyone who has concerns about these issues should speak with an employment attorney about the specifics of their situation. 

The Equal Pay Act

One of the most important pieces of legislation related to gender based workplace discrimination is the Equal Pay Act. The law is essentially a prohibition on employers paying workers doing the same or similar work differently based on their gender. Claims under this act must show that employees of different genders working at the same place of work receive different pay for performing substantially the same work. However, there are expectations for seniority, merit, and work quality, but these kinds of pay decisions cannot include any reference to, or consideration of gender. 

Finding legal help after a workplace incident

Victims of harassment and discrimination have the option of getting legal help to assist with their workplace problems. Moore and Associates is a respected labor and employment firm in the Houston area. 

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