These are people and groups who can be responsible for sexual harassment in Little Rock

Little Rock, AR – Sexual harassment can happen in a number of different ways in workplaces in Little Rock and other cities. While most people associate illegal harassment with specific conduct from a worker’s superiors, this is only one type of harassment and various other parties may be liable for their inappropriate conduct. Anyone who is concerned about these issues should notify their employer through the appropriate channels and get legal advice regarding whether a lawsuit is necessary. 


Employees may experience harassment during interactions with random customers throughout their workday. Businesses that have employees who deal with high volumes of customers are often victims of sexual harassment. Industries such as food service and restaurants, retail sales, and customer service have fairly high incidents of sexual harassment compared to other fields, partially because there is so much potential for harassment from customers. Even though the business cannot always control customer behavior, they should attempt to protect workers who have reported harassment issues. 

Supervisors and management

One of the most common and severe types of harassment is called quid pro quo harassment. This is when a worker’s superiors request some kind of sexual activity as a condition for keeping their job, getting raises or benefits, or avoiding termination. The does not necessarily need to involve any kind of physical contact, as the mere threat of a person in a position of authority acting in this manner is sufficient for a harassment claim in Arkansas.  


A business should ensure that their employees are not engaging in behaviors that can rise to the level of legally actionable harassment. This is especially concerning in situations where there may be a hostile work environment. An employee or group cannot be subjected to constant mistreatment based on their gender or sex. If this mistreatment continues to the point where it affects their ability to work, this can be considered a hostile work environment as a matter of law. 

The employer

Employers are often named as defendants in lawsuits for sexual harassment, as they are ultimately responsible for adopting sexual harassment policies and keeping their employees safe. The employer may certainly be implicated in situations where they were notified of illegal harassment, yet did nothing to remedy the situation and protect any potential victims. 

It is also possible that employers may be sued for retaliation after a person reports illegal harassment. Retaliation is when the victim is punished or disciplined for speaking out and attempting to get help to protect their rights. 

Finding a sexual harassment attorney in Little Rock

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