These are some things you may not know about sexual harassment in San Juan City

San Juan City, TX – Most people are aware that sexual harassment is illegal in workplaces throughout the United States. Employers should attempt to train their workers and prevent harassment from happening, as well as stop harassment once it is reported. However, there are also limitations regarding how these laws work in practice, especially when considering the potential amount of compensation for victims.

Attorneys near me can provide specific information about how sexual harassment laws work under both Texas and federal law. 

There are limitations on compensation

Sexual harassment cases can potentially result in compensation being paid out to victims who meet the elements of the claim. Damages are meant to cover things like lost income, costs of finding comparable employment, and treatment for mental health problems caused by the harassment. However, these amounts are capped at a certain amount based on the size of the victim’s employer. These limits range from a maximum of fifty thousand dollars for companies with fifteen to one hundred employees, with the maximum being up to three hundred thousand dollars for companies with more than five hundred employees. 

It is usually the employer rather than the individual worker who is liable

Employers have a duty to keep their workers safe from various kinds of harm, including sexual harassment. This means that the employer will be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit for compensation, and they will end up paying the damages if the case is successful. This can be beneficial, as it gives workplaces a financial incentive to train employees about sexual harassment regulations, come up with rules related to illegal harassment, and enforce rules and punishments against those who engage in such behaviors. 

Very small employers are exempt from sexual harassment laws

Companies with less than fifteen employees are generally exempt from civil lawsuits that can be filed against employers for allowing sexual harassment to happen. However, if an individual employee engages in actions that could be considered criminal or illegal, they can still be prosecuted in criminal court or sued under various other laws. As a practical matter, it is unlikely that a small business would be able to afford to pay out several thousand dollars in damages to workers in a civil lawsuit unless there is some kind of relevant insurance coverage. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

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