These are the steps necessary to bring a sexual harassment lawsuit in Arlington

Arlington, TX – When someone experiences workplace harassment that they believe is illegal, they should take a number of steps to protect their interests and preserve their rights to take action through a lawsuit. At any time in this process, it is also possible to retain a lawyer and get their advice regarding things like how the elements of harassment are proven and the potential amounts of compensation available to victims. 

Recording any relevant incidents

Once a worker believes that they have been harassed, they should start to keep records of the relevant events. This can include the time and place of the sexual harassment, who was involved, and the specific conduct in question. The more specific information that is included will be better to assist at a later time if the incidents escalate into a lawsuit and there is a formal investigation. 

Notifying the employer

The victim should make an effort to tell their employer through human resources of another relevant department what is happening and see if it can be corrected. This is also important in terms of liability, as an employer who has notice of the illegal conduct and does nothing to prevent it is more likely to have to pay out damages to the victim. In some cases, the employer may be able to resolve the situation through disciplinary actions of other means and no further action is required. 

Contacting a labor board

Depending on where the person works, they can file a complaint with either the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the state’s Texas Workforce Commission. These agencies have the authority to conduct an investigation and take other formal actions against the employer if necessary. Based on their findings, they can also recommend that the victim bring a lawsuit against the company.

Getting legal advice

If the situation remains unresolved or the relevant agency has issued a right to sue document to the victim, then it is best to get legal assistance. An attorney with experience in this area can conduct their own investigation, bring the lawsuit against the employer, and advocate on the client’s behalf to get as much compensation as necessary to cover losses related to things like lost income or expenses related to transitioning to a new job.

Labor law lawyers are available in Arlington

Moore and Associates is a labor law practice that helps people in Arlington and other parts of Texas. Their attorneys can provide specific advice about employment matters during a consultation.

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