These are the ways that a worker’s boss can commit sexual harassment in Hurst

Hurst, TX – Sexual harassment is a regular concern of many workers, and it is a reason why they seek advice from attorneys near me. There are both federal and state laws that protect workers from this kind of behavior, and financial remedies can be provided through the civil court system.  

Asking for sexual conduct directly

The most typical type of illegal sexual harassment that a supervisor or manager may engage in is called quid pro quo harassment. This is when the person in a position of authority specifically tells or asks the worker for some kind of sexual conduct in exchange for things of value such as an employment offer, job retention, a salary increase, a promotion, or certain other special benefits. While this typically happens when male bosses approach female workers, the genders of the people involved are not a deciding factor and things like same sex harassment or harassment between any genders are possible. 

Physical contact

Unwanted physical contact or touching can implicate both sexual harassment laws and criminal charges for crimes such as assault. To receive the best possible outcome, victims should report the incident to their employer as soon as possible and contact local law enforcement if necessary. 

Hostile work environments

A boss cannot allow a worker to be mistreated based on their gender or sex to the point that it affects their ability to work. When this happens regularly it is called a hostile work environment, and the victim can take legal action through the relevant harassment laws, but they should be able to document multiple instances of conduct that is considered harassment. 

Remedies for victims

Anyone who has been harassed by their boss can receive various forms of compensation if they are successful in their lawsuit. This can include the costs of finding a new job, lost wages and income, and payment for any kind of treatment or counseling that was necessary for the victim. Sexual harassment lawsuits also have damage caps that limit the amount that can be paid to plaintiffs who win their cases. These amounts are smallest for employers with just a small number of employees, while large companies may have to pay much larger amounts to a worker who was harassed.

Employment advice in Texas

Moore and Associates is an employment law firm that works with local clients in the area of Hurst and other parts of Texas. Those who need assistance from a labor attorney related to sexual harassment or other matters can get in touch with their lawyers and schedule a meeting. 

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