Third Woman Comes Forward with Sexual Harassment Allegations against San Diego’s Randy Mayor

San Diego, CA– A third woman, who works for a non-profit organization, has come forward with allegations that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner got randy with her at a business meeting in a local restaurant.

The third woman to come out with allegations against Mayor Filner is Morgan Rose, a psychologist who works for the San Diego Unified School District. Rose told KPBS that she and other members of her non-profit organization, America’s Angel, met Mayor Filner in 2009 to seek his support.

Rose later met Filner at a restaurant to discuss business, but he had a lot more than that on his mind. During their dinner, Filner allegedly told her, “Your eyes have bewitched me.” He then slid into the booth next to her and began trying to kiss her, Rose told KPBS.

Rose said she began to ask him what his wife would think of his behavior but Mayor Filner just laughed the suggestion off. She then asked him if they could get back to business. She said Filner tried to kiss her at least four times before he was called away from the meeting.

While his behavior towards Rose was inappropriate, it pales on comparison to what Irene McCormack Jackson endured during the six months she worked at City Hall. She said she was subjected to the “Filner dance,” the “Filner headlock,” on numerous occasions, and that Filner had the audacity to suggest she work without her panties.He even propositioned her for sex.

She described her time working under Mayor Filner as “the worst in my entire working life,” and has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit with the help of notorious attorney Gloria Allred.

Another accuser, Lara Fink, a campaign organizer, said Filner smacked her ass at a fundraiser in 2005.

They say the third time is a charm, but Mayor Filner is still not convinced he should step down even after this third accuser has come forward.

He is becoming a serious liability to the city.  This ongoing saga will not only be costly to the taxpayers especially if McCormack Jackson’s lawsuit is successful, but it is also affecting Mayor Filner’s ability to do his job.

In light of these salacious allegations, Filner is forbidden to be alone with any woman in City Hall. But when it came time to hire his third chief of staff in two weeks he chose a woman.

In a Wednesday staff meeting, Mayor Filner appointed Lee Burdick, which has left some to question how she is going to be able to carry out her duties if she can’t be alone with the Mayor. She seems up to the task and apparently is afraid that she will become the next victim of the “Filner headlock” or “Filner dance.”

“I am taking on this responsibility fully aware of the allegations and concerns confronting the mayor and the city at this moment in history,” she said in a statement released by the mayor’s office. “After serious introspection, I must step forward to help the city through these challenging times.”