Detroit, MI- Nearly three dozen women working at Ford Motor plants in the Chicago-area are suing the automaker, alleging they were sexually harassed and accusing the company of “turning a blind eye.”

The suit alleges that the women were subjected to a range of offensive and hostile behavior from attempted to rape to unwanted advances. The women allege they were groped and touched and that male coworkers exposed their genitals, My Fox Chicago reports.

The suit states that allegations from several plaintiffs were investigated by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which concluded that the women were sexually harassed. That investigation spurred on a federal lawsuit filed by four women last fall which has now morphed into a class-action lawsuit with 33 plaintiffs, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The lawsuit also alleges that plaintiffs were subjected to racial and gender discrimination.

Since the November lawsuit was filed, several managers and administrative personnel have been fired from the two plants. .

In response to the lawsuit, Ford suspended the United Auto Worker’s plant chairman which the union is currently challenging, according to the Detroit Free Press.

This is not the first time Ford’s Chicago-area plants have faced a sexual harassment lawsuit, My Fox Chicago reports that the automaker paid over $7 million to a settle allegations in 1999.

Employers should take swift and corrective actions if they receive complaints of sexual harassments. They often don’t and force their employees to endure repeated abuse and retaliation. Once a victim has complained it their employer they have few other options they can pursue to put an end to the harassment. Filing and pursuing a civil suit is sometimes their only recourse and they have no other choice than to retain a Michigan sexual harassment attorney.

Sexual harassment is often difficult to prove which is why it’s crucial for victims to retain a sexual harassment attorney in Michigan. To build a convincing claim, victims must prove the inappropriate behavior was unwanted, repeated and pervasive. This is not as easy as it sounds and takes someone an attorney who knows how to conduct a thorough investigation and can build a convincing case so you get the compensation you deserve.

Too many employees make the mistake of thinking that if they ignore the harasser, the lewd comments or unwanted touching will stop. That isn’t necessarily so and in many cases ignoring the harassment could make it worse and could very well escalate the behavior to an assault. It can be difficult to talk about sexual harassment, but the victims must tell their employer. That’s the first step in stopping the abuse.

If you have filed a formal complaint with your employer and nothing has been done then you need to think about speaking to a lawyer. They will outline the steps you need to take and explain what to expect from your case. USAttorneys can help you get in touch with a top-notch sexual harassment attorney in Michigan to help with every stage of your sexual harassment suit.