This is why proving sexual conduct is unwelcome is crucial in harassment lawsuits in Temple

Temple, TX – There are many different types of behavior that may be considered harassment as a matter of law. However, one of the important threshold questions in a sexual harassment lawsuit is whether the victim made it clear to their harasser and their employer that the conduct in question was unwelcome. When harassment gets serious, it is important for the victim to speak with a local lawyer and decide on a course of action that may include lawsuits against the employer. 

Giving notice

A victim of inappropriate sexual conduct should notify the person or people responsible that their conduct is unwelcome and it needs to stop. It is helpful to note when this happened in case evidence of a specific time and place needs to be used later. If the conduct continues, the victim should also tell their employer and file a formal report if necessary. 

Other proof that conduct is unwelcome

There can be some other ways that a person who is experiencing workplace harassment shows that the conduct was unwanted and detrimental. This may include changes in their ability to work or job performance, a lack of a prior relationship or friendship with the person or people responsible for the harassment, and the person seeking counseling or other forms of treatment. The victim should document any additional problems that they experience due to unresolved issues with sexual harassment

Types of conduct that can result in lawsuits

The types of harassment that are legally actionable are a hostile work environment or quid pro quo. A hostile work environment is when coworkers, customers, clients, superiors, or any other party engages in unwelcome harassment that it affects the victim’s ability to do their job as normal. Quid pro quo is when the victim is told by a boss or superior that they must engage in some kind of sexual behavior to avoid negative consequences such as termination or demotion, or in exchange for bonuses or other benefits. In most cases, the employer rather than the individuals responsible will be named in a related lawsuit especially if they did not attempt to stop the harassment after being given notice.  Compensation in harassment lawsuits varies based on the size of the employer that is sued. 

Employment lawyers in Temple

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that handles unpaid wages, overtime law violations, discrimination cases, and sexual harassment in Texas. Their lawyers are available to meet with anyone who wants to learn more about employment lawsuits. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that works with clients throughout the country to get them connected with lawyers. Anyone who needs a referral to an attorney in their city or state can call 800-672-3103 for help.

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