Three Salt Lake City police officers have filed a sexual harassment against the department and their former Police Chief Chris Burbank. The plaintiffs allege that they were harassed by Deputy Chief Findlay but Burbank failed to take appropriate action against him, as reported by The women claim they were sexually harassed by Findlay who they alleged had stolen or claimed to possess sexually explicit photos of them.

Plaintiffs claim sexual harassment and retaliation

According to the lawsuit filed by sexual harassment lawyers on behalf of the women, the officers claim Findlay attempted to kiss one of them. They also accuse the deputy chief of withholding their promotions. One of the plaintiffs stated in the lawsuit that their intention was to reveal to the public that they were not going to take harassment from their superior so lightly and all to be mistreated by their employer.

The officer claims that sexual harassment was still a major concern in 2015 where there is more protection for the perpetrators than victims, which is specifically true in male dominated professions such as law enforcement.

Plaintiff resigns following retaliation

The lawsuit was filed by sexual harassment attorneys in a state court on behalf of Officer Tiffany Commagere, Lt. Melody Gray, and Sgt. Robin Heiden who had had earlier notified Salt Lake City of their claims. The plaintiffs claim they were shown photos of coworkers by Findlay who also bragged about being sexually involved with Heiden, which the latter refuted.

They also allege that the deputy chief tried to kiss Gray although his advances were rejected. Gray resigned from the department in August 2012 after 18 years of service. Her resignation was prompted by a disciplinary proceeding initiated by Findlay who recommended her termination which the plaintiffs claim was based on false or misleading information.


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Plaintiffs claim no action taken by police chief

All three claim that their reputations with past and present coworkers were damaged while Findlay’s intimidating behavior created a hostile work environment that prevented them from progressing in the department. Following the allegations, an investigation was launched and the deputy chief sent on administrative leave in November 2013.

However, Burbank did not take further action despite having received the results of the investigation while Findlay retired in June 2014. This was followed by the announcement of Burbank’s resignation on June 11th by Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. The news came as a surprise and at a time when he was believed to have the support of many residents of Salt Lake City.

Burbank claimed he made the right decision in putting Findlay on paid leave until he retired, otherwise he would have been entitled to full benefits. The former police chief said he wanted Findlay out of the workplace because he could not tolerate the circumstances and neither could any sexual harassment lawyer. However, the three police officers who are plaintiffs in the case said they were of the opinion that they had no support, which prompted them to go ahead with the lawsuit.

The women seek an unspecified amount in damages and could have found pivotal information on this topic from this site.