Are you a business owner who is looking for ways to address sexual harassment in your workplace? If so, News and Tribune have identified a few tactics that might actually be useful to you. The fact is, you probably aren’t the only employer who is concerned with the growing issue of sexual harassment and you are likely wanting to find ways that will help you discuss it with your staff in the proper manner. Because the subject has become one that many now fear to even bring up, many employers simply are unaware of how to tackle discussing the topic without coming across in an awkward manner.

So, in an effort to help you, below we are providing a few things you can begin doing that may help address the issue and ensure you and your staff are all on the same page when it comes to sexual harassment.

  • Establish a level of professionalism that should be displayed by you and your staff members. Because you are running a business, you need to display certain behavior that is conducive to your work environment. Inappropriate jokes that imply something sexual aren’t appropriate and allowing those who work for you to do the same isn’t right either. So, if your staff is used to a laid-back environment where comments can be made about a woman’s appearance or your workers feel it is okay to openly date each other, you may want to revise your policies to avoid a sexual harassment allegation from developing.
  • Hold a prevention seminar. One of the things we are beginning to notice is that some of the allegations being reported involve one party that was left feeling violated and the other not even aware they did something wrong. This indicates that many staff members and employers might not be aware of what constitutes as sexual harassment or what can be done to prevent it. If you aren’t sure who you would like to help conduct this seminar, perhaps can connect you with an Indiana sexual harassment lawyer who would be willing to come out and assist with it. No other professional understands the laws relating to sexual harassment than a lawyer who specializes in that field.
  • Have a specific and easy-to-understand policy established so that it covers things like:
    1. Reviewing prohibited gestures and types of verbal and physical contact.
    2. Who is covered under the policy? Be sure you note that contractors, vendors, employees, and customers are all included and inappropriate behavior toward one of these individuals is unacceptable.
    3. Inform employees who they can file a complaint with. You may want to list another department or person aside from HR, immediate supervisors, managers, etc. so victims don’t feel intimated or scared to file their complaint.

It is important for employers to be able to discuss sexual misconduct with their staff so that everyone is well aware of the types of behavior that are and are not acceptable to avoid someone getting hurt as well as the high costs associated with sexual harassment cases.

If you would like to learn more about how to address the issue or have a specific question, an Indiana sexual harassment attorney is the person you can confide in who will give you accurate information and honest advice.