There is no doubt that punishment in sexual harassment cases vary depending on the severity of the case and several other factors. However, a mere ‘transfer’ or order to leave the country is something that some people do not really perceive as punishment but most others believe it is the best move for everyone.

This is precisely what some group that calls themselves the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests had to say about the case of Rev. Samuel Punnoor and officials of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo, as reported by The Blade. Is this group anti-Catholic and biased? No one knows for sure. But it is not their decision to make and punishing someone in a foreign country is not the right move according to the church and other outsiders as well.

Rev. Punnoor was placed on administrative leave by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo in May following allegations of sexual abuse of minors. Later, a statement released by the diocese indicated that there were no actions by Punnoor that met the statutory definition of sexual abuse as determined by an investigation by a Lucas County Children Services team. Toledo, Ohio sexual harassment lawyers are certainly intrigued with this case.


However, an ecclesiastical investigation found that Punnoor had violated two standards relating to sexual harassment and physical contact with a youth, which included touching and unwanted sexual advances. This report was submitted to the Diocesan Review Board while Bishop Daniel Thomas accepted the board’s recommendation unanimous decision that the Rev. Punnoor return to India and his home diocese, the Diocese of Pathanamthitta, and remain on administrative leave until then.

The actions of Rev. Punnoor and the Toledo diocese received some criticism this group called the Survivors Network that works with many victims of clergy abuse across the United States, as reported by The Blade. They termed the decision to send him back to India as irresponsible behavior.

According to this advocacy group’s president, Barbara Blaine, nothing would be solved by merely sending the priest back to his home diocese. She claimed that it could only make more children vulnerable to sexual harassment. Well, some people believe if he messes up there his home country can punish him. Does he really belong in an American jail when he is not American?

Back to India is the right move

Blaine suggested that Bishop Daniel Thomas ought to visit other parishes where Rev. Punnoor worked and identify there were other cases and potential for whistle-blowers to come out in the open. The advocacy group’s president also recommended that the priest be enrolled in a treatment facility for a few months instead of simply being sent back to his home diocese. But who is going to pay for this? Is the church supposed to take money from donation causes to spend on these classes?

So far, no detail about the nature of alleged abuse by the priest has been revealed. According to Zach Silka, the Toledo diocese’s spokesman, it was a personnel matter and any comment would be disrespecting the victim and his Toledo, Ohio sexual harassment attorney.

Survey reveals one in four female OSU students are victims of sexual harassment

In other news, what has many experts, including those of Toledo, Ohio sexual harassment lawyers, worried is the fact that almost one in four undergraduate women from Ohio State University claim they have been subjected to various forms of unwanted sexual conduct. What is disturbing is that the nature of complaints include groping, threat or actual use of physical force, forcible penetration, and more.

As reported by The Columbus Dispatch, 24 percent of undergraduates surveyed at the university reported incidences of sexual misconduct on campus.

Probably every university would have similar results

Sexual harassment lawyers have also noted that the study reveals that 10.9% of the women surveyed said that the assault involved rape or non-consensual penetration. Spokesman Chris Davey of the OSU said the officials find the figures disturbing and did not dispute them. Executive vice president and provost, Joseph E. Steinmetz, said that the survey would serve as a guideline for the task force under him to adopt measures to tackle the problem of sexual harassment which some people believe will never go away.

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