An investigation led by a leading sexual harassment attorney Marica Pope that began in the summer of 2014 has recently concluded that a trainer accused of sexual harassment was indeed guilty. The perpetrator was a member of the coaching staff of the Stanford women’s softball team, according to a Mercury News report.

A letter was handed over to the members of the Stanford women’s softball team, which comprised of the findings and conclusions of the probe. It also declared that the guilty trainer’s employment has been terminated solely for his unacceptable behavior.

The intent of the investigation led by Pope was originally to uncover whether two members that worked as coaching staff had behaved in a way which created a sexually hostile atmosphere.

Two accused, one found guilty

Out of the two persons who were initially accused, only one was found guilty. The finding of the probe points at Brandon Marcello and declares that he was conclusively guilty of sexual harassment by means of abundant and concrete evidence. Marcello was the Director of Sports Performance and also worked as the strength and conditioning coach for both the women’s softball team and the women’s water polo team at Stanford.


John Rittmann was the other person who also faced accusations but Pope’s investigation had not found him or any other staff members, except Marcello, guilty of sexual harassment. However, Rittmann did suddenly retire and this sparked a lot of speculation.

According to the letter which was sent to team members, Pope and her team had interviewed 26 persons including, players, ex-players, and coaching staff.

Lawsuit alleges sexual harassment by football player of Torrington High School

A federal lawsuit names Torrington High School and a handful of authorities belonging to the school district as defendants, according to an NH Register report. The identity of the victim has been withheld for privacy concerns. According to the lawsuit filed by the victim’s sexual harassment attorney, he was subjected to physical assault, sexual assault, and discrimination by other students belonging to Torrington High School.

The lawsuit portrays the victim as a sorry being who was subjected to daily bullying by students. The first incident listed in the lawsuit describes how the victim was pushed to the floor by a bully who then proceeded to grab the victim’s hat and massage it against his genitals before throwing it back to the victim. The bully supposedly received grossly insufficient disciplinary action for his behavior when the victim reported the incident to authorities at the school.

High school football players acting stupid

Also, the lawsuit claims that the victim faced further abuse for reporting the incident. Allegedly, he was tackled to the floor by one of the football players of the school. If this ridiculous behavior impacts you, you need to get on and find yourself a winning attorney.

The lawsuit blames the school and the board of education for failing to discipline such students. It states that the actions of the school authorities condoned the behavior of the bullies. Several complaints that the victim made to teachers, counselors, and coaches fell on deaf ears. The victim has since left Torrington High School and moved to another school.

This is not mean girls, this is mean boys!