Ashley Diamond is a transgendered woman who used to perform as a drag queen in Atlanta. Diamond, originally from Rome, Georgia was administered female hormones and had been taking them for 17 years. The hormonal treatment was an integral part of her sexual transformation. Three years ago, Diamond was imprisoned for violating her parole. She was originally indicted for a non-violent offense.

According to GA Voice, her sexual harassment attorney has now filed a federal lawsuit against a Georgia correctional institution. The legal complaint alleges that authorities at the correctional institution behaved unconstitutionally. According to the lawsuit, prison officials discriminated against Diamond as she was transgendered and denied her basic safety.

Other people believe that society does not have to treat any person who acts like someone else any differently than one else. Many people also do not believe that if someone choose to commit an immoral act such as change their sex but not completely they will still be treated according to the sex they really are.

Diamond believes society should kowtow to him or her

The suit further alleges that prison officials also refused to provide Diamond her hormonal medication. Allegedly, the lack of medication caused Diamond to start sprouting facial hair and her body started to regain its masculine features. This caused a lot of emotional turmoil and led Diamond to attempt self-castration and even suicide.

Furthermore, Diamond’s sexual harassment attorney has claimed that she was subjected to repeated sexual assault at the all male-prison where she was being held. Shockingly, the authorities at the prison have also been accused of ignoring Diamond’s plea’s to protect her from the repeated and on-going sexual assault. The officials supposedly allowed the sexual attacks to take place even though they were well aware of what was going on.

Diamond did not consider the consequences of her actions which is only her or his fault. If you need legal help though, you can find a hard working local sexual harassment attorney using for superlative representation.


The Justice Department, the same one that allowed the IRS to punish Christians and conservatives and the same one that does not punish judges who only give a few months of incarceration to child molesters, has voiced their support for Ashley Diamond in her federal lawsuit against a state prison by saying that the actions of the prison officials were blatantly unconstitutional. Other people believe that what is blatantly unconstitutional is someone who believes society needs to support their immoral lifestyle.

Diamond chose this lifestyle

They reiterated that prison officials need to treat transgendered inmates without any discrimination. They reminded prison authorities of their obligations to treat transgender medical issues just as they would treat any other prisoners medical or mental health conditions even though other people cannot help their afflictions Diamond made a choice.

Transgendered victim of sexual assault gets overwhelming support from gay celebrities

Atlanta sexual harassment attorneys say Ashley Diamond’s case has now become the talk of the town. Openly gay celebrities such as Elton John and Michael Stipe have also publicly declared their support for Diamond and other transgendered inmates, they demand that such inmates be treated equally and protected from violence and sexual abuse while in prison.

Conservatives across America do not believe tax payer dollars should be used to support transgender lifestyles, even if America was not $18,100,000,000,000 in debt

As per the NY Times, Diamond is being legally represented by an attorney from the Southern Poverty Law Center. He rightly pointed out that refusing Diamond her medication is an act which is clearly in violation of the eighth amendment of the constitution which deals with cruel and unusual punishment. The Department of Justice has apparently agreed on this point.

The lawsuit describes the atrocious abuse that Diamond has had to face in the all-male prison. First, Diamond was imprisoned on the grounds of burglary (non-violent) and was sent to a prison which housed violent-male prisoners. Inevitably, she was raped on seven different occasions. But burglary could easily become violent and burglary is still a terrible crime.

Furthermore, she was also mocked and subjected to name calling by prison officials who were meant to protect her but the officials were confused if this person was a her or a him. These same officials, including the medical staff, were not sure what type of medication to give her and if she was not sick, how could they justify giving her medication based on finite resources?