The sexual harassment attorney of a supermodel has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against well-known fashion designer ElieTahri which seeks damages of nearly $6 million.

The plaintiff is a fashion designer herself who alleges that Tahri attempted to lift her skirt and expose her privates in front of a roomful of other models and colleagues during a routine modelling session. The complainant has been identified in court paperwork as 32-year old Marcy Castelgrande, according to

Furthermore, the lawsuit also accuses Tahri of retaliation. It details that Tahri unfairly terminated the model’s contract when he discovered that she had reported the incident to the human resources department of the label company he owns. The company’s sales have been estimated at around $500 million per annum on average. Their products sell at big name stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, etc.

Fashion Mogul ElieTahri was recently divorced

The allegations state that Tahri, who has only recently emerged from a divorce, inappropriately caressed Castelgrande’s private parts and at least ten or more people, witnessed this unprofessional behavior.

The lawsuit also alleges that after the model reacted by walking out of the room, Tahri became furious and said at the top of his voice that he was sick and tired of such sensitive models and did not want to work with her. He also said that he had had to face sexual harassment lawsuits in the past and did not want one more. According to the committed and awesome attorneys on the site, it seems as if he sort of just walks into these lawsuits by his own doing.

Castelgrande was terminated from work only two hours after she complained about Tahri’s behavior to human resources.

A spokesperson for Tahri commented that the allegations were blown out of proportion and that the model was just someone trying to get rich overnight by making such false accusations. Supposedly, it is very normal in the fashion industry for designers to touch models to correct or fix their outfits and Tahri had not done anything that could be classified as harassment or unprofessional.


Crazy man who cannot control his emotions shoots plaintiff that filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him

A self-proclaimed right-wing extremist who decided to hurt his own cause named Alex Kozak has been arrested and is currently being held in custody in lieu of a $10 million bond amount. As reported by, Kozak faces serious felony charges, including first degree murder and might be looking at a life sentence if convicted. Kozak has allegedly shot and killed a female colleague who complained that he had sexually harassed her. Supposedly, he shot her three times in the back while she was at work.

The deceased has been identified as 20-year old Andrea Farrington. Kozak and Farrington both worked at the same mall, Croal Ridge Mall in Coralville Iowa. Kozak was appointed as the mall-cop.

Only days before the murder, Farrington’s sexual harassment attorney had filed charges against Kozak which accused him of unwanted sexual advances and alleged that the harassment had been going on for the past month and a half.

Where is the nearest tree?

Upon investigation, Kozak’s Facebook profile was filed with pictures which expressed his outstanding ideas and righteous belief’s that every American should be allowed to carry a gun for self-defense purposes. He is right about that but now that since he has committed murder, he will no longer have this right and most people believe he should be executed for this crime. No more Facebook for you!