Cleveland, OH- The attorneys representing President Trump in a sexual harassment case asked a court to drop the suit, arguing that executive privilege should give Trump immunity from civil action. How the court decides will impact the dozens of cases filed against Trump over the past couple of years.

Former “Apprentice” Employee Accuses Trump of Sexual Harassment

Last Friday, Marc Kasowitz, the attorney representing Trump, file a 53-page memo with the New York court where Summer Zervos filed her initial sexual harassment complaint. Kasowitz argued that a President cannot be subjected to a lawsuit while in office.

Zervos is a former contestant of reality show “The Apprentice,” which featured Trump before he ran for President. She alleged that she met the then-candidate at Trump Tower to discuss a job and he sexually assaulted her.

Lawyers for President Trump called for the dismissal of a sexual harassment lawsuit against the president in court on Friday, claiming in part that the president cannot be sued in state court while in office. Kasowitz alleges that Zervos’s allegations were lies that amounted to defamation, the Hill reports.

Although 1997. U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1997 established that a President can sue in federal court, but Kasowitz insists that cases filed with a state court are not valid.

What Are My Right if I’m Accused of Sexual Harassment in Cleveland?

If you are wrongfully accused of sexual harassment, you should contact a sexual harassment defense lawyer in Cleveland to get their advice. They will examine the details of the suit against you and decide on a defense strategy.

A common defense is to question the pervasiveness of the harassment. A sexual harassment claim isn’t valid if an incident only occurs once. A sexual harassment claim can only be filed with EEOC or a civil court if it is just once incident that never occurs again.

Another defense is to question if the accuser followed procedure and filed a claim with their employer. Under federal law, employers are not liable for sexual harassment if they have not been notified it is occurring.

Also, asking for a dismissal of a case is a common defense in criminal and civil matters.

If an accuser is unable to produce evidence of the harassment, that be an effective defense since they have nothing to prove their allegations.

Some sexual harassment defenses won’t work and could work against you before a jury. Those arguments include:

Questioning the sexual history of the victim

Claiming it wasn’t sexual harassment because both parties were the same gender.

Of course, asserting your innocence is another effective defense.

You Need a Sexual Harassment Defense Lawyer

Every sexual harassment case is different. That is why it is imperative to get the advice of a sexual harassment lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio. You need a defense tailored to the specific circumstances of your case so that you have the most effective defense. can refer you to a nearby attorney to assist you with your case.

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