The Tunica County Sheriff’s office confirmed that Commander Eugene Bridges was fired over allegations of sexual harassment. According to a report in the WMC Action News, the deputy (who is being kept anonymous) gave a statement that Bridges forced her into having sex in a patrol vehicle, the Sheriff’s Office, and Bridge’s home – all while being on duty.

Atrocious behavior

He used to threaten the deputy by insinuating that her job would be in a trouble if she didn’t give in to his demands. The report also adds that the deputy has alleged Bridges transmitted an STD to her. This is incredible behavior. How does someone become a police officer with this type of character? Sexual harassment lawyers all over the map on want to know that!

How come she did not make a complaint right in the beginning? How accessible is the human resource department? This is something where they would have to act on quickly.

According to information available to Local Memphis, the sheriff’s department is investigating many other instances of sexual harassment complaints. The report further adds a statement from the Sheriff’s Office, “The Tunica County Sheriff’s Office does not condone any work place harassment or sexual harassment.” Many employees from the office are being interrogated with reference to the case.

The commander was fired immediately following the complaint from the deputy. The deputy, on the other hand, is presently on medical leave owing to this stress. Did this commander ever do this before? This is what inquiring minds would like to know. This certainly could not have come out of nowhere, this type of horrendous behavior. What was this commander like in high school and college?


A reporter is verbally abused on the street

In another shocking incident of its kind, a BBC reported witnessed an ironic moment when she had a sexually explicit remark directed at her in the middle of filming a story about sexual harassment on streets. Reporter Sarah Teale was filming a sexual harassment report in downtown Nottingham, when she herself became the victim of it, according to 7 News.

A man walking past the reporter hurled sexual obscenities at Teale while the report was being canned. The reporter simply added, “Yeah, like that”, according to the report. Not much sexual harassment attorneys can do in this case.

Well, if there is any conciliation to this story or any way to make someone feel better, the reporter, Teale, has a job and the man walking by perhaps does not. It does not look like he has a car for one!

Sexual harassment and workplace law basics

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1984 prohibits many types of illegal discrimination at the workplace, including sexual harassment. The purview of sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances towards another worker, requests for sexual favors, unwarranted verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature and more.

Sexual harassment at workplace can be categorized into quid pro sexual harassment and hostile environment sexual harassment. Quid pro quo is when an employee is required to give in to sexual demands as a pre-requisite for employment. Hostile environment sexual harassment is when one harassed based on the gender up to the level where the working environment becomes extremely hostile.

Sexual harassment lawyers can access your situation to help you file complaints, if any, against workplace abuse. They can also help you understand the law related to sexual harassment in the workplace, carry out investigations against perpetrators, claim the right compensation, and more. Not sure where to find one? Press right here.