As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis has been accused of sexual harassment by two female employees. However, city officials have declined to characterize the complaint as sexual harassment and released a statement stating that the mayor was cleared of any misconduct. Tom Kurrie, the City Attorney, is said to have concluded that there was no conduct of the level of any type of harassment.

According to their statement, the two employees did not claim that the incident had sexual overtones or was of harassment. Megan Matteucci, the city council spokeswoman, declined to identify the two female employees or provide any details. She maintained that only a verbal complaint of the alleged incident on Feb. 23rd was made by the two women to City Manager Marie Garrett.

Singer song-writer Robbie Williams and his wife listed as defendants in sexual harassment lawsuit

Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams, who also had a short run as an actor, has found himself facing sexual harassment charges. As per Daily Mail, the former Take That band member and his wife Ayda Field have both been accused of sexual harassment in a lawsuit filed by their former personal assistant’s sexual harassment attorney.

The personal assistant claims the couple had repeatedly harassed him over the years on countless occasions. The shocking allegations have come as a shock to fans and friends of Williams and his spouse. Supposedly, his wife would walk around the house in skimpy clothing, and demand that the personal assistant rate her body. Furthermore, she allegedly interrogated him about his sex life and shared very personal and rather intimate details about her own sex life.


In response, the couple’s sexual harassment attorney ridiculed the allegations. He said in a statement that the allegations were completely baseless and pulled out of thin air by a man that wanted a slice of the cake. He says the personal worker is making up stories for a quick buck and has no regard for the reputation and public image of the couple.


Many people believe that is not really anything to complain about either.

Lawsuit against Robbie Williams seeks $25,000 in damages

The plaintiff or complainant has been identified as Gilles De Bonfilhs, according to the lawsuit. He worked closely with the couple and would help them in all matters. He was their personal assistant from October 2014 through to January 2015. Even though the singer himself has not been directly accused of any instances which can be constituted as sexual harassment, the lawsuit still names him along with his wife, possibly because he condoned his wife’s behavior.

According to Bonfilhs, he says he was unfairly fired and his contract was cancelled in retaliation for opposing the harassment. The lawsuit seeks compensation for economic and non-economic damages adding up to an amount in excess of $25,000. Contradictorily, according to a spokesman representing Williams and Field, the assistant was not fired unfairly. He was fired due to serious misconduct and was now trying to sabotage the couple.

A strong marriage

Field and Williams were dating for a period of four years before they finally exchanged vows in the garden of the singer’s Beverly Hills bungalow. Williams had once described his wife as a one woman cheerleading team and had praised her for keeping him entertained and energized. He had said she was not only his wife but also his best friend.

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Williams who claims she rescued him from a life of self-obliteration says he was deep in the rabbit hole of alcohol and drug addiction. He credits his wife for successfully and single handedly rehabilitating him.