Two Signs That You Need A Sexual Harassment Lawyer In Akron, Ohio

When it comes to the modern workplace, there are a lot of careful considerations to keep in mind. Aside from just being respectful for the sake of common courtesy, whether you’re an employer or an employee, ensuring you’re maintaining an environment that is respectful and welcoming to your peers is essential. For example, even if you live in Ohio, sexual harassment doesn’t discriminate. It’s vital to realize that if you’re a victim of out-and-about sexual harassment or perhaps you’re unsure but want to verify, it’s critical that you seek the best sexual harassment lawyer in Akron, Ohio to represent you as needed. Without adequate representation, not only will unsafe and hostile work environments fester, but you will be missing out on the compensation and legal defense that you more than deserve. So what are some signs that you might need a sexual harassment lawyer in Akron, Ohio?

Quid Pro Quo

In Latin, the term essentially translates into “something for something else,” in essence, it’s the act of trading favors. In the workplace, very often, sexual harassment manifests itself in this manner. Very commonly, someone in a position of power exploits their position by offering subordinates the opportunity for advancement or specific rewards in exchange for sexual favors. As far as sexual harassment is concerned, this is an all-too-common situation and one that isn’t always particularly obvious. For example, sometimes supervisors or bosses guilty of quid pro quo harassment may be subtle about it, whereas others might be more obvious. Regardless, if you suspect that you’ve been a victim of quid pro quo sexual harassment, you’ll need to immediately contact an Akron sexual harassment lawyer to represent your case. While quid pro quo harassment tends to be on a mostly individual basis, sometimes, individual sexual harassment in the workplace is a reflection of a more systemic problem within that workplace as a whole.

Hostile Work Environment

Arguably the most common kind of sexual harassment in the workplace, a hostile workplace environment is a workplace that fosters, encourages, or passively tolerates sexual harassment. What’s critical to understand about hostile work environment is the fact that even if someone in a position of authority doesn’t necessarily participate in it, simply tolerating it could be grounds for a lawsuit. One of the primary catalysts for needing a sexual harassment lawyer in Akron, Ohio is an instance where a workplace is well-aware that a hostile work environment exists but isn’t taking a proactive role in stopping it. For example, if a supervisor has been made aware of instances in the office of inappropriate jokes that are gratuitous and pervasive in nature, that is a prime example of a hostile work environment where management is failing to take proper action. As far as liability is concerned, not only would the direct perpetrators be liable, but management would also be liable for failing to step in and enforce proper policies if necessary.

However, in order to have the best legal defense in situations such as these, you need a team with the experience know-how to defend sexual harassment in Akron, Ohio. Among the best in the country let alone the state of Ohio, visit https://www.ohioemploymentrights.com/sexual-harassment/ to learn more about sexual harassment and to get the legal defense you rightfully deserve if you suspect you’ve been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace.